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Read or Die?

Updated: May 23, 2020

I am sure you’ve heard someone say, “you never stop learning.” Maybe, like me, you agree with Albert Einstein’s quote “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” And I believe there is a reason most Fortune 500 CEOs and / or Billionaires, read every day. It’s often cited as uber important in the lives of people like Mark Cuban, Bill Gates & Elon Musk. For many, it becomes part of the schedule, like brushing teeth, eating and breathing. Yes. Feeding your brain is that important. The daily ritual makes it a habit, and as you know, habits are hard to break. And no one is ever going to complain about your good habits.

Let’s continue. You’ve “read” along with me so far. One of the few things about getting older is realizing how much you don’t know. Some call that the definition of Wisdom. Or is that an oxymoron. See, now I must look that up. I guess learning can be re-learning what you are forgetting…. Wait, is that a Yogi Berra quote. See, now I need to look that up too. More to learn. But I digress….

One of the silver linings in my life, and I suspect many of yours as well, is a new-found “free time.” Mine likely began a little before yours, with a brutal bankruptcy and unemployment. All prior to this Corona Virus, however, misery loves company, so…. hello all, please to meet you. My name is Josh Levine and I am a blogging homebody that like to learn new things.

Let’s all admit it, at first it was like a Snow Day. At least for those of us that know what those things are. Then it lost its luster. But quarantine has a few benefits. And I mean other than checking off your lengthy Netflix Watch list. You have this strange & unfamiliar luxury of time to get things done. Several, I am sure, you’ve been putting off. It may be cleaning the garage, reorganizing the pantry, re-prioritizing life, doing some soul searching but….my hope is, you will commit to learning something new. If not, why not. Do it. Take in some documentaries, (Tiger King doesn’t count) read a book, watch a YouTube “how to” video. Whatever it is, something you enjoy and are passionate about. By the way, Ozark is awesome! Okay, that's not educational either.

I’d love to know more about the science of how we all learn. I told you about Billionaires and their reading habits, but I don’t believe reading is the be all, end all. Why can’t it be learning thru watching. Or just by listening. Its why I have an Audible Account! So, I know it can be. I’ve learned it.

I have been called “the king of useless information” or “stupid trivia” by several friends. Terms of Endearment I am sure, but how did I learn this stuff. I didn’t read much as a child. I hated books in fact. Other than a few Dungeon and Dragon Manuals, prior to 30, I cannot recall completing a novel, ever. I was afraid to read “Catcher in the Rye” for obvious reasons. I was always a “wait for the movie” guy. I do want to point out, when people say the book is better, I completely get it. One’s imagination can make so much more out the authors words. You get to create your own unique mental visualization. How will a movie, ever live up to that? Am I right, or am I just living in the matrix? Its why I could not read a novel as a kid. I would go off and write my own version in my head. I think they’d give me pills for that today.

See, ADHD, I have no idea where I started going with this post, but I so enjoyed preparing some food for thought. And just so you know, I am living what I am talking about. Just in the past few months, I taught myself (learned) advanced SEO Marketing Skills, How to Produce, Create and Monetize YouTube Videos, and how to use affiliate marketing to make an income blogging. Still figuring out that income part but see what you can do with a little “newfound” free time and some internet access. BTW, these are all still a work in progress as you’ll know if you ever watch my videos but remember….” We Never Stop Learning, until we….”



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Michael Busick
06 abr 2020

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