Ultimate Holiday Shoppers Idea Guide

The holiday season can be so nerve racking. We all have that friend or loved one that is next to impossible to shop for. I wanted to share a few ideas with you, and perhaps from a market you may or may not be familiar with…. the secondhand market. And before you tune me out…. give me a chance. You want your gift to be memorable, don’t you? Perhaps bizarre, maybe funny or just plain thought provoking.

You want to know where to look for real inspiration? I say, look no further than an estate auction. Everything you can possibly think of is out there at an online or local auction, each and every day and you might not even be aware. If that’s new to you, I got a video for you first timers, but if I didn’t convince you to step out of your comfort zone just yet, I suggest simply heading down to your local antique mall or thrift store for some amazing ideas. Many are now are so well curated, you can easily find just about anything and everything. But enough about where to find the perfect gift, what I promised you was inspirational ideas for the perfect gift….so don’t worry. I got you covered. I hope this feature inspires you…and helps you make someone’s holiday season one they will truly never forget.

So, come along along…here’s my Ultimate Holiday Shoppers Idea Guide (THE VIDEO)

A Man Child

…or let’s say, young at heart...

He's 40, acts like he's 12, and you’ve been best buds forever. Go with a childhood favorite toy. Get him a 1980s original carded He-Man figure. You are talking about $100 on eBay or better yet at a toy auction. They are still appreciating in value and make for a great conversation pieces. Here’s a few other 80s toy ideas too…

Gi Joe - Nintendo NES or SNES - Classic Atari

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