5 Entrepreneurial Nerd Must Reads in 2021

It has been a while since I blogged. Even longer since I have uploaded a new video. Honestly, I am feeling a little rusty on this keyboard. What I have been doing though is research. Always the entrepreneur, that part of my brain I wish would shut off sometimes, I have so many questions. What’s going on with this new economy? Why do I want to know about NFTs? How come the Yankees are so mediocre? Why don’t we have Buck Rogers lasers already? But truly the most thought consuming has always been how can you do it better. That “it” being business.

Whether it is a complete industry disrupter idea, a simple streamlining enhancement or a revolutionary cost saving improvement, the nerd in me typically runs all business I come across thru my telescope. Yes…not a microscope, but a telescope, trying to process the model from 30,000 feet. And believe me, the been there, done that failure, I know it’s hard to look at your business that way. Especially when you are in it. So hard, but if you have the time, take the time.

That was a crazy long setup for my post, but no one has ever called me short winded. Having had more time to read or listen, high five to Audible, am I right, I have truly enjoyed 5 books a ton this 2021, and I thought I would share. Obviously, none of these books have been on the proper use of grammar or punctuation. I love a good run on sentence. But what these 5 books have done for me, I think, is make me a little bit of a better person. A little wiser, a little more insightful, understanding, and thankful. Thankful for the experience, knowledge, and wisdom the authors have shared with us. So finally, here is that list.


This is more than a business book. There is so much wisdom packed in this quick read. But don't let "quick read" fool you. You will return to it, again and again. The 17 Principles are an aspirational road map to a better you. And yes...a better company, a better team, but most importantly for me, a new touchstone.

From Amazon - "The Unicorn Path is designed to change lives. An employee that walks the path will become a distinctive high performer. A company that walks the path will dominate their competition. This book is for leaders to rise above their competition by creating an environment that attracts and develops Unicorns. Unicorns are consistently striving to improve while most are relying on their natural skills. Unicorns know sustainable success and happiness come from winning as a team, while many are focusing on flying solo. Unicorns understand that the better they make their Company, the better their Company will make them."

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