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What you need to know, about Toys !

Updated: May 23, 2020

Hi Guys…it Josh from Josh Levine Speaks and I know you are going to love today's blog and vlog…its everything you need to know to truly understand the toys and collectibles market….and before I get started…if you are enjoying these videos & blogs please help me grow the channel, click subscribe, like and leave a comment…it won’t hurt or cost a bit, but will really help me out….the button is always at the bottom of the page…..So here we go….

When I am at an auction, a yard sale or a thrift store…I always look for the good old toys. After all it was the Vintage Toys and Board Games that really got me into this business. And who wouldn’t love hunting down fond childhood memories….You know…Vs. those scary one’s….right….like no seat belts,

bicycle helmets…or being allowed to eat all the lead paint you want. My hyperactivity was celebrated and handing my mom a Genesee Cream Ale from the cooler in the back of the Buick wood paneled station wagon….was an honor.

Sorry…the lead paint kicked in. Okay…It could be a finding a Barbie, a He Man Figure, G.I. Joe, …. Micronauts for me…or Legos……love them Legos….How about a Battery-Operated Tin Robot,

a creepy clapping monkey… or even your own, personal Poltergeist clown.

Okay, maybe we chose to forget that one. My point is that most people just light up when they come across these goodies and that explains why they are always just so hot in the secondary market.

Okay, okay….What’s the secondary market ? It’s your eBay / etsy, a yard or estate sale…

don’t you find (yard sale/ estate sale…to be a vase / vose thing….yard sale, estate sale…. Anyway, the secondary market is any place you find vintage used and second hand, really…)

So lets now talk about the price trends in this market…..and how it’s shifting in toys and collectibles toward what we used to refer to as the modern-era toys. Ewwww....Here’s a little history for perspective….

When I first got in to this business professionally, way back in 2001….The 1930s Lionel & Marklin trains were the Holy Grail stalwart of toys….prices at an auction were just ridiculous….i would just stand by…never had to deep pockets to play in the high-end toy leagues.….watching grumpy old men, with money….have wallet fights….mines bigger than yours…Better than them going to the casino I guess….and great for the sellers, but I wondered to myself, what the hell are these guys going to do with these. Fact is….they just wanted them and were willing to pay what ever to get them. It was reliving childhood for some, finally getting that missing piece in their collection for others ---- or just because….

But, Today, that has been replaced by the Aurora T-Jet slot car and Hot Wheels Redlines from the late 1960s. The old 60s G.I. Joes have been replaced in the “Hot Category” by Star Wars and Transformers.

Shirley Temple by She-Ra. That’s the action figure often referred to as He-Man’s girlfriend if I lost you. But She-Ra ain't no kept woman….

Okay….Why is this happening? It’s simple really, and seems to have always been true of this genre. As the generation that played with, owned or wanted to have these toys ----moves into the disposal income period of their lives, they also tend to be getting nostalgic….so Demand goes up and so does the price…. and what better way to reclaim your childhood….or be the 40 year old virgin….am I right….Fast forward….Then about 15 to 20 years later, when these same collectors start to sell off their collections…. so do others in their generation, and they flood the market. And now you see why the prices of those items go down. It is Simple economics my friends….but you can see why there would be frustration on the sellers side. They have, 1… emotional attachment…..YUCK….and….2 a price anchor on their back…(that’s a term for a price and or value, stuck in your head, from what you paid for it or firmly believe its worth, not understanding the current market but what you remember…..or what you were told it was worth by someone.)

Well….back to earth….My advice to collectors is and always has been to strike while the iron is hot. When you hear crazy prices for what you collect, Sell, Sell, Sell. More often than not I hear, “I am going to wait. Prices are still going up.” Then back into that paid storage rental unit they go….as down down down go the prices, and still they wait and pay rent….ever waiting for the values to return, or some wave of nostalgia….and then when they actually have to sell….no at the bottom….don’t stand to close….because its not pretty…

Okay, shake off the doom….Am I always right by the way? No ! Star Wars keeps amazing me. I have been telling people to sell these before the bottom drops out and they keep performing. And when the next new series of movies comes out, the original 1970s and 80s figures strike again. Or Strike Back! Some things buck this trend, but I have found it to be right about 95 percent of the time. Legos seem to only have an upside too….but. If you are in it as an investment, remember….beanie babies and pogs….if you are in it because you love it and curate your toys like a freak. You’ll be fine….and enjoy them….

I am Josh from Josh Levine Speaks….if you enjoyed this blog & have a chance to watch the video. If so, please click subscribe to receive alerts to all of our new shows….its free and won’t hurt a bit….please click thumbs up (LIKE) and leave a comment…most of my shows come from you, the viewer and your comments. Except the go hang your self loser comments…I cant figure out how to film that one. I’ll drop my phone or kick over the tripod flailing about….and then how would I upload it ?


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