10 Totally Terrifying Toys - Dangerous or Ridiculous ?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I hand picked these 10 Totally Terrifying Toys for your reading and visual cortex massage. Lists like this are just this are just guilty pleasures and fun. I thought we all needed a little escape blog today…there a video too!


Coming in at #10 is Big Loo by Marx. He was advertised as your "Friend from the Moon" and stood at over 3 foot tall. He was $9.99 and could do everything and anything a kid could want...he had a sight scope with cross-hairs, two flashing battery-powered red eyes, a hand-cranked mechanical voice box that played 10 messages, two rubber-tipped darts that were fired from triggers on his back, a left arm that held four red balls which were fired from his elbow, and a right arm that had a grasping claw. Oh wait...there's more...1 of his feet was equipped with a spring-powered rocket. He also could squirt water from his navel and had a compass, whistle, bell, Morse code clicker with and could bend at the waist. That's awesome...I wish I had a Big Loo...he falls in to my "Ridiculous Category as all his features, were simply ridiculous."


Number #9 creeps into my Terrifying Category....introducing Little Miss No Name. Apparently, Hasbro decided in 1965 to creep out your daughters...the Big Eye Kid and Doll fad of the 1960s was personified or dollified in this gem. Just when Barbie was getting into full swing with all her glam, accessories and goodies, Hasbro decided to release a shoeless girl with only a burlap sack dress. Marketing genius, well apparently no. She didn't sell well...which apparently made her sad. You'll be happy to know that she was later offered as a $3.99 mail in offer on Borden's Instant Chocolate Milk Powder.