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Last Week at the Auction

Here we go… it is LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION. America’s Favorite Top 10 list of Auction Results from around the globe. Back again with the latest and greatest from the auction world. It’s only been a few weeks, but I sure have missed you.

Coming in at #10 is a Case of Dick’s Beer that brought $3000 at Matthew Bullocks.

And here I’ve been throwing out empty cases of beer. Who knew? But seriously, Breweriana or beer collectibles are hot.

Next #9 check out this RCA Victor Special Phonograph that sold for $4000 at Donley.

I’d say special. My first impression was this was made for NASA but no…It was from 1935. Crazy cool and I totally get the price.

#8 A National Cash Register just brought $6000 at Abell.

This was approx. 20” by 20” by 16” for perspective and wood grain. I am super impressed with that price. Typically, the smaller Candy Store or Ornate Brass Models command this kind of money. I would have missed this one at the shop thinking a few hundred dollars. I am going to need to take a second look.

#7 An Andy Warhol Signed $1 Bill just sold for $8500 at DuMouchelles.

I wish I could deface currency with my signature and make it worth $8499 more. But I guess I’ll just have to keep my day job.

#6 A Charles I Period Chair brought $10,000 at Thomaston Place.

Circa 1648, this was a wonderful 17th Example and very rarely come up for auction. Almost 400 years old, this is the kind of antique I wish could talk. But sadly, I think Pee Wee Herman had the only talking chair, at least that I can remember.

#5 A Photograph by Eudora Welty sold for $13,000 at Leland Little.

Titled a Woman of the 30s, Eudora Alice Welty was an American short story writer, novelist, and photographer. Best known for her writings about the American South. Keep an eye out for vintage regional photography as well as this Pre-War Americana.

Tis the Season for this next one.

#4 is the Santa on the Chimney Figure that brought $25,000 at Bertoia.

16” tall, circa 1880 and German, this guy illustrates the demand for all things vintage Christmas.

#3 is a wonderful Victrola Double Sided Dealer Sign that rang up $30,000 at Donley Auction.

Circa 1920 this Victrola outdoor sign would have been offered for sale exclusively to Victor phonograph dealers. At 35" long that’s almost $1000 an inch. With buyer’s premium and taxes, I am sure it was. Not bad.

#2 A Chinese Flambe Moon Flask brought $150,000 at Thomaston Place.

13” tall and incised with the Qing, Qianlong reign seal mark I don’t think I have to say it. Antique Chinese. Pay attention.

Okay #1 is an Enfield Shaker Desk that just brought $280,000 at William Smith Auctions.

This continues the antique furniture upswing I have been reporting on. It’s now officially hot. Now mind you, this is a fine and well-documented true Shaker piece as opposed to the Shaker style or attributed pieces out there, but I still see a trend. Let’s all keep an eye on it. Is it only happening regionally? Is it a real trend? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Until we stream again my friends.



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