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A Beer Can World Record

Here we go! It is LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION. America’s Favorite Top 10 list of Auction Results from around the globe & I am your blog post host JOSH LEVINE. Back again with the latest and greatest from the auction world. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. Perhaps, like me, you will learn a thing or 2. I always do. So, here we go. It’s last week at the auction…

Coming in at #10 Postwar Lionel O Gauge Lehigh Valley Hopper Car that hammered for $2150 at Toys Trains and Other Old Stuff.

Most likely the greatest auction house name there is. Direct and to the point. And this train is just the kind of thing that Wylie and the Gang kick butt with. And I was raised in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania so that is why this one jumped right out at me. A killer price for a killer find.

Next #9 is the Eight Piece Chinese Chippendale Patio Set that brought $4900 at Leland Little.

Always look outside at those estate sales. Killers like this might be hiding.

That’s serious cash in the backyard stash.

#8 Two Sailor's Shellwork Valentines brought $8500 at Freeman's.

Late 19th Century and there’s a lot going on with this lot. Folk art…CHECK; Sweetheart Ephemera CHECK; and Maritime Collectibles CHECK. That’s a Triple Cross Collectible and the resale market loves that.

#7 A Set of 14 Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Plates just did $11,000 at Hindman.

Learn their pattern and look for that mark. In China, this is what you are looking for. That needle in the haystack…..or that plate on the dishrack?

#6 The Doyle Lane Blue Seed Pot just sold for $12,000 at John Moran.

And are you ready for this? It was 2.75” in diameter. That’s it, but all the inspiration I need to pick up every piece of mid-century art pottery I see. And, if its signed Lane…I am going to Disneyworld.

#5 A Bob’s Big Boy Neon just hammered for $15,000 at Morphy’s.

Neon, Americana, Advertising, Rt 66 Style & Retro…that means Big Money and No Whammy’s. Any nerds with me on that reference. I know you are out there.


#4 A Burger Beer Camel Can just brought $46,215 at Morean.

Circa 1930 and from the Heekin Plant in Cincinnati, this was advertised as THE HOLY GRAIL of large barrel cans, and it did not disappoint. I just got to ask, is a Dr Seuss Camel on there?

#3 Is the Chippendale Mahogany Side Chair that brought $50,000 at Freeman's.

Circa 1770 and a fine example but they had to be shocked as I was with that price. Their pre-auction estimate was $3000-5000 and remember, I pointed out the trend last week. American Antique Furniture is back baby.

#2 A Beatles 1966 Shea Stadium NY Concert Poster just did $120,000 at Heritage.

True Beatles period stuff like this always command a premium but I love the back story about how many of these exist. Once believed that only 5 or 6 were out there in the world, 3 or 4 more have turned up recently and it is now believed they may have printed several hundred in the run. Who knows where and when another might just turn up? Take a second look when you see one at a consignment shop.

And if that didn’t inspire you, how about this?

#1 The "Chaffey College" Apple-1 personal computer just sold for $400,000 at John Moran’s.

One of the 200 Apple 1s ever made. This first batch of computers were designed by Steve Wozniak, assembled, and tested by Steve Jobs, Patty Jobs (his sister), and Daniel Kottke in the Jobs' home.

Here’s a fun fact…175 of them were sold for $666.66, a figure that catered to Wozniak's love of repeating numbers. Or….Satan!

That was for the Church Lady. Anyway….I had fun, did you have fun? Do you know what’s really fun?

Telling Auctioneers and Estate Sale Company Owners about Shipping Saint. I know I have converted a few of you over already. Everyone loves their amazing platform.

Shipping should be an asset for your business. Shipping Saint makes it better for you, your business, and your customer. Visit or tell them Josh sent you.

Until we stream again my friends.



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