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Are there hidden deals in the Amazon?

Updated: May 23, 2020

While most of us are at home, waiting out these uncertain times, I am pleased to report, so many of you are getting creative. Very creative, in fact. It’s been so much fun to watch what friends are doing, creatively, on social media and to pass the time. Not the celebrities, mind you, but the real peeps, living this social experiment thrust upon us. I blogged a few days ago about my anticipation of the exciting new innovations that I predict will rise out times like this. But I forgot to also mention, the career changes that I believe will come too. That spark of entrepreneur innovation can manifest for others as a change in vocation or lifestyle. So what I am saying is….paint, Picasso.

You might be sitting at home making crazy videos and decide to be the next YouTube star. Shout out to my friend Tim. (Caution, this will get stuck in your head.) I can’t hear “Social Distancing” on the news anymore without seeing his face. You might be an amazing musician like my buddy Steve, who complete rips laying down a Yacht Rock Radio, living room, solo concert of “Sailing” that just makes you appreciate a friends talent even more. Or you might be hunting the web for deals for your cash strapped family and stumble upon some affiliate marketing business, crazy hidden deals or just learn so much you didn’t know. And here it is my, completely unsmooth transition….

I am always researching for the next blog or vlog and stumbled upon a section of Amazon when trying to find some ads to plug in to my posts. And that’s when I hit a section that I had to share. I never knew Amazon had these discount sections. I bet many of you didn’t they existed either. Or, you just kept them to yourselves. It just had me thinking….we are all stuck home, ordering our lifeline of supplies online, and now “incomeless” …. So if there’s really a deal I thought I’d research more and share.

As you know, most of the items sold on Amazon are sold as new or unused condition, but did you know there was a heavily discounted "open box" section for almost everything? And I have learned this designation depends on whether the item is sold by Amazon or by a third party.

First, we have the Amazon Warehouse Deals. Amazon's Warehouse Deals Division offers Amazon like-new, used or refurbished items at a discount and referred to as “open box.” These items might be returns or simply the packaging may have some damaging or marks from the warehouse. I had a friend that would return anything the UPS man showed up with if the outside cardboard box had the slightest rub on it. Sounds crazy and neurotic, but people want what they want…I blame burger king. “You can have it your way.” Anyway, all reports sale the Amazon Warehouse Deals products are in good condition and verified to be functional. They simply aren't classified as new. Amazon has strict standards. The condition and function are still guaranteed. Unlike others “open box” deals I’ve seen in the auction world, Amazon will not sell a product that doesn't work, regardless of its cosmetic condition.

To be clear, I have found "Open box" typically refers to an item that was shipped to a customer, returned and marked as undeliverable by the carrier. The packaging is then typically opened by Amazon staffers to verify good working order. In some cases, items may be repackaged if the original packaging was damaged. In fact, the item itself will not have been used. I have read that Amazon will not replace damaged packaging unless the original packaging no longer provides protection for the item inside. That makes sense. Only if a product's packaging is too far gone will Amazon repackage.

Here’s what you need to be aware of. A Third-Party Sellers thru the Amazon Platform may have their own definition of "open box.” Amazon does have guidelines for 3rd Party Sellers. They are as follows: “new" "like new" "very good" "good" "acceptable" and "unacceptable." I have discovered "open box" for third party sellers is “supposed” to only apply to computer games and software. Amazon says, in those cases, the item may be missing its original wrapping, case and UPC symbol, however the software must function perfectly. But be aware, products that are not computer software or games, the term "open box" is still defined by the seller, so the definition may vary from an Amazon official product. Just be aware.

I would just recommend you contact any third-party seller that lists an item as "open box." to confirm their definition. I always say, your idea of good condition and mine might differ dramatically. It’s easy to do. Just click on the seller's name on the item listing page, then click the "detailed seller information" link. That will include a link to the seller's customer service. Ask questions before you buy it, and if you are not satisfied with the seller's response, move on. There’s another one out there I am sure. Just like you would at the store. But from what I am told, even with buys from third party sellers via, you are still completely protected. Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee covers the condition of the item, even for open box items. I am just telling you to ask in advance to avoid the hassle.

I’ll keep hunting, blogging and sharing as long as I am able to keep it fresh. If not, I am going to start recording thru Zoom with Tim and the Videos would be terrifying. So, keep me busy. I would love to hear stories, from you, the readers of inspirational life changes that come from this interesting time. I hear Frozen II playing AGAIN! in the background, so I have to go….

Until next blog….


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Michael Busick
Michael Busick
31 de mar. de 2020

I'm a hardcore Amazon shopper, much to the chagrin of many friends. And I LOVE Warehouse Deals... Here's some more tips: 1. Do NOT buy any WD item if you HAVE to use it as soon as you get it. I've purchased MANY items that were not usable. Recently I wanted a Dymo label printer. I ordered 3 different ones-none of them worked & had to be returned. I finally ordered a new one. I once ordered a tablet- it definitely wasn't tested. There was a log-in screen with someone's name on it. Returned. And once I received an item with the previous return receipt in the packaging- and the problem noted on it was still a problem- not functiona…

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