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Updated: May 23, 2020

Hey Josh Levine Speaks Subscribers,

I have been meaning to do this for months. Ever since The Blog was named to the Top 25 Auction Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 I have been getting “secret links” “discounts” and “cool promos” to many popular sites. Of course they trying to get me to NASCAR STYLE paste all over my blogs so I can make a few click pennies. I know a few friends of mine have used them and there are legit. Not a bunch of windows and pop-up nonsense. They are cool deals and sure could come in handy right now as most of us are completely broke, so…if you are going to buy something online, get yourself a deal. I’ll try to send these out as often as I see these updated.

eBay’s - Daily Deals on eBay | Best deals and Free Shipping – This One Surprised me as I still think of them as the Auction Site and not the Buy it Now Sales Portal Mecca they have become. Every Day is this updated with amazing deals!

Their site says, "Save money on the best Deals online with eBay Deals. We update our deals daily, so check back for the best deals - Plus Free Shipping."

Everything I've heard so far is good. Great prices and always one shocker on the landing page, every day. Like a Black Friday type deal a day..not bad...

TARGET – has a few that have been a god send!

At least for our house...

BABY Free Shipping and HOME Free Shipping for that Covid Home Shopping !

Amazon – If they have not been to your house in the last few weeks, I would be shocked. Never thought I would read so much in my Life and Between Kindle Books and Audible Gift Account…you can share titles and gift friends reads you loved, like Netflix suggestions, only with words and stuff…..

I know I told you about the open box deals and such, in a Blog a few weeks ago but I’ve received some great feed back from that one so I thought I’d share it again.


Free Pay Channels! We are all hoping these don’t run out but take advantage of a Free 30 days on a bunch of pay channels now….we are all going to have to go back to work someday so keep binge watching some new FREE stuff….just remember to cancel when the party is over. Set an outlook of Google Calendar reminder. The family will love the free stuff while it lasts !

Here’s a cool one ! SELL AMAZON YOUR USED BOOKS ! Up to 80% of what you paid !

A Great, Do it Yourself, Learn to Play the Guitar – Home Lesson Deal….here’s a super silly deal if you have ever priced out lessons....

and if you need a guitar ! Read my Electric Review....Acoustic Review or Watch my YouTube Reviews !

If you are cleaning out the house, moving or organizing for storage this one is killer !

USED CARDBOARD BOXES, shipped to your door !

Or the house clean out guys….deep discounted and scheduled Easy…they are still hard at work. Just saw them Sunday.

So there you have it….and I’ll try to send more as they send me more. If got a lot of crazy ones too, I’ll just put NASCAR BANNERS below if you are interested. Again…I just feel guilty if I don’t tell you something that might save you a few bucks right now. I had 2 thanks you’s last week that inspired me to update you all. Both were guitar close out buys. There was one that was a $150 scratch and dent deal from my Amazon Link Blog. It was on a $500 Ibanez Guitar and I know you may not think a “necessity” but to musicians….it’s air baby ! And I don’t mean Air Guitar. Anyway, let me know if you find any cool deals so I can report them.

Happy Stimulus Check Spending if you were on of the Lucky Ones.


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