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10 Best for Electric Guitars Under $500

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Hi. I am Josh Levine...and this is my 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $500

Okay, if you are a fan of my channel, Josh Levine Speaks, you know I do my best to build shows & series around things I hope you find interesting & if you know me....I LOVE GUITARS....I've played since the age of 4, owned and operated a music store for 10 years and gave guitar lessons for even more....

So in this Blog Video I am going offer my opinion of the 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $500 and give you links below, where you can find them.

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Coming in at #10 is the Epiphone Les Paul SL Pack -its Super affordable and great "learner" as we will call them...I think it even Includes a Mini Amp, Gigbag, Tuner, Picks, and Strap and so on for $179.00...when I had a store $179 guitar was not a "player" like this....quality control has risen to such a level the even these entry level instruments play like a professional instrument...or at least are far superior to what "we gen-x and baby boomers" had to learn on...its amazing....

Okay # 9 takes me straight to metal and wow...the Jackson King V JS32T is One of the best deals in the metal guitar market...metal looking that is and plays like a pro...has 24 frets to shred and built for speed. Randy would be proud...$249.00 is ridiculous and make me wonder about natural resources, how can anything this amazing be made for this price, but ! If you are new to instrument and going to learn play, sitting down....the V shape is challenging. Just saying as a past teacher....

#8 More classic in its shape is the Schecter C-6 has excellent action, a Tune-O-Matic Bridge w/ String Thru Body so it will freakin' stay in tune....and at $349.00...if you are serious about learning or need a killer 2nd guitar....this is a killer.

#7 is the Ibanez S521....sustain for days, a classic Ibanez look, great action and 24 frets to work with....$ amazing buy....again....all the links to these are below to see more and other peoples reviews.

I love #6....its a Sterling By Music Man and the Albert Lee HH....what an incredible variety of sounds and tones, at a ridiculous price $ you know how many music stores and gorilla research I had to do these past months to get you this info. I can't believe I wasn't kicked out of the shops !

Okay...#5 is the ESP LTD EC-256....anything They put their name on is going to has the action of a high-end custom guitar for next to nothing....its got a fast 22 fret neck, and ESP designed humbuckers and all for $399.00....ESP may not be a household name to you, but to a guitarist.....YES !

And now we cross the 4 hundos but we are starting off right with my #4 and Gretsch....The Gretsch G5220 Electromatic Jet BT Single-Cut is an amazing, low-cost, twin-humbucker single-cut killer and classic Gretsch Look...V-Stoptail & Black Top Broad-tron Pickups and for $449.00, I again worry....where do we get the natural resources and the skilled craftsman to make such a beats for this kind of money....i kid you not....when I had a shop, this would have been a $1000 guitar....

Now I will relax and get my Tele #3 is the Squier Vintage Modified '72 Telecaster Thinline....with its 21 medium jumbo frets, super clean bending, classic tele feel and big tone range....It’s a bargain @ $449.00...again, don't know how they do it....I'll shut up and now...a wild card at

#2 is the Danelectro ’59XT....bookem dano...this is a rock and roll beast... Coil Split Pickups, Wilkinson Tremolo and tone for days and $499.00....ever since danos where reissued....they play great....have super distinct sounds and make a great product !

But here's my number #1

The PRS SE Standard 24...To get all those Paul Reed Smith tones for under $500 & the PRS Patented Tremolo, classic style and look plus the amazing 24 fret neck....yes, yes...amplified Meg Ryan yes....I date myself again....well it's out there for $499.00 the a down arrow....i have links to all of these GUITARS for you to do your research. What even killed me more....most of them where available next day delivery, and free shipping....I am so glad I am out of business.

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All right ? as I promised, I gave you my 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $500...please share this video with a, click subscribe and place your comments below. Please...let me know what you think. Guitarist have opinions and if you are just thinking about playing the guitar....I'd love to give you my advice. Because, I am a guitarist...and there for have....opinions !

Until next time !



10 Epiphone Les Paul SL $179.00

9 Jackson King V JS32T $249.00

8 Schecter C-6 Plus $349.00

7 Ibanez S521 $399.00

6 Music Man Albert Lee $399.00

5 ESP LTD EC-256 $399.00

4 Gretsch G5220 Jet BT $449.00

3 Squier 72 Telecaster $449.00

2 Danelectro ’59XT $499.00

1 PRS SE Standard 24 $499.00




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