10 Best for Acoustic Guitars Under $500

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I am Josh Levine & if you know me....you know, I LOVE GUITARS....I've played since the age of 4, owned and operated a music store for 10 years and gave guitar lessons for even more....So in this Blog & Video (below) I am going offer my opinion of the 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 and with the links to find them below...

Update: Also Have Post for my Best 10 Electric Guitars under $500 !

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Coming in at # 10

The Ibanez Acoustic Jam Pack.....What a super pleasant Surprise. A setup like this for the money is ridiculous. I think it was $149. A great starter kit that has everything......tuner, case, strap, etc.....plus it Plays and sounds nice.

Just a note....I do recommend with the lower end starter guitars, have a teacher or player take a look at the action and check for "dead frets"...it just happens with the quality control on some of the instruments in the super low price points.

#9 is the Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Set up....its Another example that comes as a kit. I was impressed with the volume of the dreadnought sized body...i definitely found it note worthy. If you’re looking for an excellent starter and a great bang for your buck, then the Fender CD-60S is definitely worth looking into. I remember these being under $200 as well. Again, links are below.