What's a Korean Water Dropper ?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe is back in full swing. Last Week at the Auction. I just released Episode 3 of Season 2 and the feedback continues to be super positive. And thank you! But I am no fool. (Okay, some of you may know me so, that is debatable.) I just know many of you do not watch the show because you are readers by nature or just like to look at the pictures. So, this post is for you.

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So, yes, I will now get on with it. This all happened, Last Week at the Auction.

Starting us off at #10 is a wonderful Old Cast Iron Dog Boot Scraper…..it sold for $600 at a great sale the folks at Leland Little Auctions had at their place in Hillsborough, NC… I chose to feature this piece to remind you of those outside or out of sight estate goodies.

This is the stuff people leave when they sell the house or have a clean out….after all, they are on the ground, out of site….rust and dirty….why would anyone want that ! Well that’s $600 bucks you left on the table, or floor, or out back….

Okay, #9….I knew it was going to happen and I have proof…I wrote an article a few years back….alright, on with it…this unassuming sheet of 1990s Pokemon Cards brought….$725….Yes, nostalgia is money !

This Group of Early Pokemon Holo Cards had a few rare birds but these are the Joe DiMaggio / Mickey Mantle Cards of The Millennial Geek….The were sold by the Team at “Trains and Other Old Stuff” which is a great name, of Fowler IN…..

#8 is from my Good Buddy Robert Haynes of Monarch Auction & Estate Svs, he sold a beautiful William Spratling Sterling Butte