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What's a Korean Water Dropper ?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe is back in full swing. Last Week at the Auction. I just released Episode 3 of Season 2 and the feedback continues to be super positive. And thank you! But I am no fool. (Okay, some of you may know me so, that is debatable.) I just know many of you do not watch the show because you are readers by nature or just like to look at the pictures. So, this post is for you.

I promise Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more. Why? Because I believe nothing is more interesting than The Auction World. If you feel the same way, Subscribe Below, Leave Comment a comment or 2 and please, as always, share your ideas. I have all links at the bottom to everything I

discuss, these great auctions houses & all my social media and contact information.

So, yes, I will now get on with it. This all happened, Last Week at the Auction.

Starting us off at #10 is a wonderful Old Cast Iron Dog Boot Scraper… sold for $600 at a great sale the folks at Leland Little Auctions had at their place in Hillsborough, NC… I chose to feature this piece to remind you of those outside or out of sight estate goodies.

This is the stuff people leave when they sell the house or have a clean out….after all, they are on the ground, out of site….rust and dirty….why would anyone want that ! Well that’s $600 bucks you left on the table, or floor, or out back….

Okay, #9….I knew it was going to happen and I have proof…I wrote an article a few years back….alright, on with it…this unassuming sheet of 1990s Pokemon Cards brought….$725….Yes, nostalgia is money !

This Group of Early Pokemon Holo Cards had a few rare birds but these are the Joe DiMaggio / Mickey Mantle Cards of The Millennial Geek….The were sold by the Team at “Trains and Other Old Stuff” which is a great name, of Fowler IN…..

#8 is from my Good Buddy Robert Haynes of Monarch Auction & Estate Svs, he sold a beautiful William Spratling Sterling Butterfly Brooch for $800 this past week at an online only onsite sale in Tempe Arizona. I feature this piece for 2, no 3 reasons.

1 – You gotta know your marks. This was $30 in Silver at the pawn shop if you didn’t know the Spratling Mark

2 - Auctions work, a piece like this in a fine antique store might be priced at $300-$500 but you get some auction fighting going on and $800 ! They aren’t making more of them and

3 – Robert’s one of the best people in the industry. Did I mention, he a geek that like Pokemon Cards ? No…

#7….its the Schwinn Stingray Krate Lemon Peeler Muscle Bike and this baby brought $1200 @ Trains and Other Old Stuff in Fowler IN…they had some great stuff last week as you can see. It’s another one of those, you gotta know what you are looking for. This iconic 70s classics are quite desirable.

I think you will find there’s a lot of educational results in this weeks episode.

How about #6 It’s an Audio Research Sp-10 High Definition Stereo Amp, it brought $2,100 @ Leland Little, told you that was a great sale. This was a circa 82 tube amp but this is exactly the type of thing people toss out, or don’t give a second look at an estate or yard sale.

Audiophiles love vintage electronics and tubes are king. Always look if you don’t know. It’s just like doing homework but once you make a few grand on an old stereo find, you won’t forget. I promise.

Alright, here’s #5….a super rare cast iron pull toy, the STATIC SPEEDBOAT by Hubley crushed as it brought $3000 @ Bertoia in Vineland NJ. When I saw they were having one of their toy sales, I knew I’d have results for you. They rock the toys and this sale feature many known and important toy collections.

Let’s keep going…#4 is the Dominick & Haff Gilt Sterling Dinner Plates….they served up an amazing bid of $12,000 @ Great Gatsby's Auction in Atlanta Ga….circa 1900 and quite rare, again….proving auctions set the bar. I believe they were only estimated in $2000-$3000 range based on their silver, but I am sure when the sale was over, you had a happy consignor and a happy auction house. Always nice.

#3 again, at Bertoia, I told you they had some amazing collections….THE BREAD WINNERS MECHANICAL BANK by J & E Stevens….are you ready ? $14,000….cha ching. That’s a lot of change. This one must be for gold coins...

…but lets move on to #2 And some mad money…The Ives c.1929 OLYMPIAN TRAIN SET featured at Lloyd Ralston Gallery in Shelton CT brought $27,000….you heard me….Choo Choo ! I don’t know what to tell you….the finest examples of the rarest toys just command top auction dollars….there are just certain things you have to auction. And that brings us to...

#1 Pair of KOREAN GLAZED PORCELAIN WATER DROPPERS….fairly unassuming but I am sure Abell Auction in LA will not forget them….They sold for $31,000….you heard me. I had to dig in to this lot for my own mental database. I’ve scene these before and never knew what they were. I won’t forget now.

A water-dropper is the device used in East Asian calligraphy. These little containers are designed to hold a small amount of water used in the making of ink. A few drops of the water, an inkstone and the inkstick and you are good to go.

Be on the look out….(and of course..,,they are not all worth $30K but you’ll never get anything for them if you call them…porcelain thingy….)

And there you go…So now you know what happened, Last Week at the auction!

All you had to do was ask….and speaking of which, its time for this weeks "viewer email"...

This week's question comes from Steven W of Seattle. Steven asks “Can anyone bid at the auctions you are talking about?

Of course, you can.

These are all public estate and antique auctions going on around the country and world. The platforms they stream their sales on make it easy for you to register and bid. Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, HiBid, Proxibid and so many more….just make sure you know their shipping terms and buyers premium and you’ll be good to go.

Great Question Steven…

And thanks again everyone for having a quick read. And do not forget, you can always reach me at Feel free to send me any and all question. And, remember if you enjoy the posts of shows, sign up below. Please Give Me Thumbs Up, a Heart, Share and Leave Comment....that way I know we you like and want more of. I truly hope you learned something. I do every week.

Check out all the auction houses I talked about on today’s show, down below.

Until next week...or Last Week at the Auction!




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Anyway....that my update. If you ever need help with an estate or just a free consult. I would be thrilled to help you.

All my best!


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