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Why Advertise on This Show ?
Of course, the ultimate objective for the show is to entertain & educate the audience, but here are my 5 goals:
1.    Why auctions are the best method of selling !
2.    What to look for if you are a collector, dealer or picker.
3.    Introduce the mainstream to our subculture.
4.    Promote local and regional auction houses.
5.    Manage the expectations of sellers.
I am trying to pack more information in to 10-15 minutes than you would receive in 1 hour of the Antique Road Show, Pickers or Pawnstars....with a little Hoarders facts in there too !

This is a  Limited Time Opportunity !

But enough about the's what it can do for you and your company...
1.    Promote Your Business and let you brag about something you have recently sold.  As I am sure you know, nothing beats marketing your results and letting people know you are the local expert in your field.
2.    Give you international exposure thru YouTube and Video Partners, Social Media and More
3.    Get valuable back links to your website for both new buyers and sellers.
4.    Promote you on all my social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Google, & my eBlasts...that's a lot of people.

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