The Most Controversial Things Ever Sold at Auction !

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

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Now that that's out of the are the 10 of the Most Controversial Things Ever Sold at Auction !

1) The Violin from the Titanic was offered at auction & brought $1.7m, controversial due to the fact The violin & its case were originally found strapped to the bandleader’s body, a float, just after the great tragedy in April of 1912. I believe it is still the highest price paid for a piece of Titanic Memorabilia.

2) The 1939 Alfa Romeo of Benito Mussolini was sold for $2.1 Million at RM Auctions a few years back...the infamous and gorgeous vehicle was the dictators attempted escape vehicle back in 1945. Attempted as he and his mistress were captured and shot.

3) Lee Harvey Oswald’s Wedding Ring realized $118,000 at RR Auction back in 2013...JFK's infamous assassins ring was sold in 2013. It had been consigned by his late wife who had only recently recovered it in 2004 from their law firms safe.

4) Marilyn Monroe's 1954 Chest X-ray that sold for $45,000. At the time she was 28 and had the x-ray take during a hospital visit where it's believe she had miscarried.

People collect strange things...let us continue....

5) John Lennon’s Toilet sold for $13,740 in 2010 as part of a Beatles Festival. Well I am sure Mr Lennon had several toilets in his lifetime but this one from his 1971 residence in Berkshire fetched quite a pretty penny, or pound....or euro ? Oh brexit...I am so confused.

Now, for something a little older....

6) A Lock of Lincoln's hair fetched $25,000 at an Auction in Dallas TX. It had purportedly been removed by The Surgeon General just after Lincoln's assassination in April of 1865. Here I've been paying someone to remove locks of my heair for years....

Okay, back to a little

7) A 74 Year Old William Shatner's Kidney Stone sold for $25,000 to are the same wacky online casino that made news for buying a Dorito shaped like the Pope’s hat for over $1200 and the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese for $70, about genius marketing though. We are still talking about them in conjunction with these sales, which is exactly what they want. What was, I !