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Auctions are Girl's Best Friend

Here we go…. it’s LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION. America’s Favorite Top 10 list of Auction Results from around the globe & I am your Host JOSH LEVINE. Back with the latest news from the auction world. I got some strange ones today too. My hope with this and every show, is you get one or 2 takeaways that help you in your quest for that next big score. Having a good eye can only take you so far. Knowledge is power. I know I learn something new every week.…so Here We Go….it’s last week at the Auction….

Coming in at #10 Vintage Stone Fruit and Nuts that sold for $750 at Soulis Auction.

Now that’s a lot of bananas and would have you know that? Period Table Décor has a following. Your Martha Stewart types and they will pay great finds like these. I know I have passed these by at the thrift store.

Well, now we know…next.

#9 is 6 Lady Lovely Locks Curly Kittens Dolls that brought $1000 at Matthew Bullock Auctioneers.

Hard to find 1988 Mattel Toy Characters, these were new to me, but I’ll remember these little guys now. I bet you will too.

So what’s next?

#8 An Italian Faience Figure of a Mythical Beast sold for $2500 at Hindman.

This is a strange little guy and something I would buy at an estate sale or thrift store, not because I would have known, but because it was weird. Weird is good. Call it a trust your gut buy.

But tell me this next one isn’t fun.

#7 is Carol Channing’s Muppet Show Tiara that sold for $3750 at Abell.

Worn on 'The Muppet Show (episode 423; May 8, 1980)’ where Carol Channing performed 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' with Miss Piggy. Now that’s some provenance.

It makes me wonder what Kermit the Frogs Banjo from the Rainbow Connection would sell for. Yes…. I think about these things.

#6 Is a Henry Moore Pintail Duck Decoy that sold for $6750 at Leland Little.

I spoke a lot about decoys last season and here I am again. Always take a 2nd look at the decoys. Vintage signed and great paint, you should really pay attention.

Got it. Ducks.


#5 is a Fox Export Beer Flat Top Can that sold for $22,500 at Morean.

c.1935 and from the Peter Fox Brewing Co of Chicago, Illinois, this was a rare find. Early flat top and cone top beer can’s can be worth a small fortune. So, your crazy can collecting uncle, may not be that crazy.

But alright.

#4 is Lynn Chadwick’s Sitting Girl from 1986 that hammered for $27,500 at Doyle.

Stamped C42 and numbered 9 of 9, this little Bronze was only 7 -1/8 inches tall. That’s about $3800 an inch. Lynn Chadwick. I’ll remember that name.

And continuing with this week’s strange finds is

#3. A Martin Brothers Glazed Stoneware Grotesque Bird brought $36,000 at Heritage.

This covered Jar was circa 1907 and by R.W. Martin & Bros. English and only 9-1/2 inches tall. Are you catching my, if it’s weird looking, buy it, theme?

This next one fits that too.

#2 is a Claude Conover Oltah Vessel that commanded $70,000 at Wright.

From 1977, this 19" Glazed Stoneware Vessel was by the famed commercial designer turned ceramicist. If you find his signature on mid-mod pottery, you have found a few bucks or….A New Car!

But let’s wrap it up this little beauty.

#1is an Imperial Celadon-white Jade Seal that realized $300,000 at Freeman's.

Only 2.5” tall and circa 1795, this little beauty is the kind of treasure I want you to find lurking on a shelf, innocently waiting for you at the next estate sale.…and you know they are out there.

Waiting to be sold and shipped by Shipping Saint. Yes…my shameless plug transitions could use some work. But, I know many of you watching are in the auction and estate sale business. Shipping Saint is the best-kept secret software in the resale industry. (Where were you guys when I was in Business.) Having shipped tens of thousands of antiques and collectibles over the years, I eventually outsourced it all. Shipping was frustrating…I just wanted to sell…. believe me, I know your pain. So does Shipping Saint and that’s why they created their amazing platform. They knew shipping should be a profit center for your business. Instead of the expense, a time suck, or an outsourced profit center for someone else. Shipping Saint makes it better for you, your business, and your customer's experience.

Shipping Saint solves the challenge auctioneers and estate sale companies have faced for years. Turn Shipping into a company asset, not a curse. Curious…I got their special sign-up link here. Tell them Josh Sent You.

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Now get out there, find some treasure, share this show with a friend and Tell Me your best find in the comment section below.

Until We Stream Again!



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