9 of the Most Expensive Vinyl Records Ever Sold

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Here are the 9 of the Most Expensive Vinyl Records Ever Sold ! At Auction...and I am the YouTube host Josh Levine, of Josh Levine Speaks, Last Week at the Auction & 13 Totally Random and Useless Facts..plus the writer of the blog, if you are reader. (People still read these I hear.)

Disclaimer....there are other auction records or records out there, but I tried to avoid anything "signed" as to deal with some actual record lps you may actually stumble across at yard sales, flea markets, storage lockers. etc....I've always called records, scratch off lottery tickets.

So lets get to it....what I call 9 of the Most Expensive Vinyl Record LP Ever Sold according to Josh....

at 9 - A Sealed Stereo Juke Box Edition of The Beatles Second Album brought $2400.....this was pressed by (Capitol 1964) & was The second of three Compact 33 records manufactured by Capitol for jukebox players. It featured "Thank You Girl" "Devil In Her Heart" Money" "Long Tall Sally" "I Call Your Name" and "Please Mr. Postman" This recorded included the three mini LP cover photos and the three Seeburg title strips. These are rarely found at all and still sealed ? Shocking !

Next up @ 8 - The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd – $3,800 Mind you, it was a rare Japanese, released edition. Many say D S O T MOON is one of the best albums of all-time and is definitely one of the best selling. It was once estimated that one out of every fourteen people under fifty years of age in the United States owns this album...in fact it still makes appearances on the Billboard 200 charts, despite being released in 1973.

Talk about a cult following. This is particular albums value & rarity comes in the fact it was accidentally printed upside down...so an error...of course this only happened in the first run and when discovered...they were pulled from the shelves....of course a few managed to slip thru & sell. This one of which I speak sold for $3,807 dollars and their are obviously more out there.