Who is Kenny Scharf?

Here we go again. It is Last Week at the Auction. America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the Globe. I am Josh Levine, your post host and virtual tour guide to this secondhand subculture. I often say, when done right, auctions are by far the best method of selling anything. Especially Tuna.

My hope is you enjoy these lists, and perhaps, learn a few things along the way. Several followers have recently told me these show finds and little "nuggets" have made them a few extra bucks. That is awesome and thanks for sharing. Its why I do this.

Check this week's list out !

#10 is a Classic John Deere Advertising Clock that hammered for $800 at Matthew Bullock Auctioneers. It was 15” in diameter and by Telechron. A company well renown for making what was originally a dealer only or store showroom clocks that are now highly sought-after cross collectibles.

#9 THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo 1969 just sold for $1200 at Potter and Potter. I am always talking about books. First Printing, First Editions of the Classics, are money. Especially those household names. Capire?

#8 is a Pine and Tin Candle Mold that just realized $1900 at Cowan's. Primitives are in, especially the functional and candles…have they ever not been cool? I mean seriously, Sting likes them.

#7 A Japanese Red Lacquered Box just brought $3000 at Abell's. Oh, those little boxes filled with tickey tacks. Most likely Meiji period or the Japanese Victorian Era as I call it, this little