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Who is Kenny Scharf?

Here we go again. It is Last Week at the Auction. America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the Globe. I am Josh Levine, your post host and virtual tour guide to this secondhand subculture. I often say, when done right, auctions are by far the best method of selling anything. Especially Tuna.

My hope is you enjoy these lists, and perhaps, learn a few things along the way. Several followers have recently told me these show finds and little "nuggets" have made them a few extra bucks. That is awesome and thanks for sharing. Its why I do this.

Check this week's list out !

#10 is a Classic John Deere Advertising Clock that hammered for $800 at Matthew Bullock Auctioneers. It was 15” in diameter and by Telechron. A company well renown for making what was originally a dealer only or store showroom clocks that are now highly sought-after cross collectibles.

#9 THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo 1969 just sold for $1200 at Potter and Potter. I am always talking about books. First Printing, First Editions of the Classics, are money. Especially those household names. Capire?

#8 is a Pine and Tin Candle Mold that just realized $1900 at Cowan's. Primitives are in, especially the functional and candles…have they ever not been cool? I mean seriously, Sting likes them.

#7 A Japanese Red Lacquered Box just brought $3000 at Abell's. Oh, those little boxes filled with tickey tacks. Most likely Meiji period or the Japanese Victorian Era as I call it, this little beauty was only 11” tall and shows you why you need to take a second glance at all things from the orient.

#6 This Neoclassic Style Gilt Salon Table just brought $4000, also at Abell’s. I wanted to point this one out because I believe, half of us, think that is a lot of money and half of us think that was a steal. Which are you?

#5 A Rip Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon just sloshed up $5000 at Leland Little. A great figural bottle and original box, spirits are one of those state-by-state kinds of things at auction. Some states you can sell them, some you can’t, and some don’t allow dancing…oh wait, that’s the town it footloose. Just ask your local auction professional for the rules in your state. As you can see, there could be a nice little stash of cash there.

#4 This 18k gold diamond and ruby turtle brooch just brought $6000 at Freemans. Only a 1.25” and about 6 grams, that was a lot of money. But then I saw, the mark. It was vintage Cartier. Now it makes sense. That name added about $5000 to it, so always bring your loop.

#3 Call of the Wild by Jack London just did $8,500 also at Potter & Potter. Just beating home, the book thing. First Edition, first printing with the dust jacket and a classic.

#2 The Sculpture titled Object to Enjoy by Kenny Scharf brought $11,000 Rago. I am going to remember the name Scharf. I like to use word associations so Scharf like Snarf from Thundercat’s. And just like vintage carded Thundercat’s…. big Money. See, now isn't that easy to remember.

Okay #1 is a Mobile Sculpture by Alexander Calder that just realized $650,000 at Rago. That’s a lot of Scharfs. Almost 60, but seriously. I cannot walk by a mobile and not do a double take since I saw one realize $5m a few years back and I know there are more out there. Calder was fairly prolific. There’s art, prints, sculptures, and his jewelry can be just as financially life changing.

But that is all I have today. If you enjoyed the post, subscribe below. I have more on the way. Check out my 5 Things to Sell that are Hotter Than Hell Series. Share this show with a friend and be sure to tell Me about your finds in the comment section below. Now get out there, find some treasure…

Until next time !

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All my best!


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