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America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Here we go. It’s Last Week at the Auction. America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the Globe and I am Josh Levine. Your host and guide to this mad, mad world.

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Here is one I would have missed…#10 is the 2008 Hot Wheels Fire Rod Silverado. It sold for $450 at Matthew Bullock Auctioneers. I knew about 60s and 70s Hot Wheel Redlines, but these 21st Century Rare Variants are new to me. It is time to bone up as there is hidden money in modern collectible toys.

#9 is a Rare Paul Bunyon Beer Sign that brought $1100 at Rt 32 Auctions. Only one is known to exist and it was from the Marshfield Brewing Company. I think that one was a great buy and truly a future investment as it is cross collectible and very rare.

#8 Is this Finks Overalls Flange Sign just did $1700 at that same sale. Rt 32 had some awesome advertising. I love that slogan too. “Wear like a Pigs Nose.” What does that mean? Old Adverting Slogans kill me.

#7 is the Deluxe Gold version of the Classic Royal Quiet Typewriter that hammered for $2400 at Greenwich Auction. Such a cool limited-edition version in that gold color, it is said that Ian Fleming used the same model to write or type the first James Bond novel.

#6 A Ford Mustang Mach I Promo with its original box just did $2450 at Toys Trains and Other Old Stuff. That is a killer price and that market is hot. If you are sitting on a collection, I think it is time to sell. Call Wylie…tell him Josh sent you.

#5 is a beautiful Polyphon Disc Music Box that sold for $2700 at Leland Little. I love these things and glad to see they are holding their own. This version played the 15-1/2” discs and was in excellent working order. Think Steampunk Record Player and now you want one, don’t you?

#4 is a Pair of Bookends that just did $3750 at Abell’s. Wow. They were attributed to Roland Paris and super cool but here is my question. If you saw these at an antique store, would you know? I would not have, but I would now. That is what this show is all about…you get me? It's a Free education!

#3 is an American Silver Pitcher that just sold for $4250 at Hindman. Everyone was surprised. The estimate was $500-700, most likely based on today’s silver price and it is 20 oz weight. But this 9.25” beauty was a rare Southern piece and collectors were ready to bid. Mid-19th Century examples from this Mobile AL maker are very hard to find.

#2 is a pair of unassuming Chinese 6” Diameter Bowls, that brought $20,000 at Abell in LA. Chinese Yellow Ground Porcelain bearing this 6-character mark really got the attention of the bidders. If you are new to this world, check out my Chinese Antiques Special I did a few months back. It is quite eye opening.

Okay, here is #1. This Marsden Hartley painting just commanded $460,000 at Selkirk in St Louis. A wonderful example and well documented. I chose to feature this one just to illustrate, we all have so much to learn. Art Experts might know the name, but I am sure it’s not a household name to most pickers. I do not know about you, but I am burning this signature into my brain.

Marsden Hartley Signature

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