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How about a $7000 Deck of Cards?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Here we go again. It’s time for the latest report from Last Week at the Auction. America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the Globe. I am Josh Levine, your host and guide to the secondhand subculture. You can really learn a lot about a lot, following auction results. Let that sink in.

Anyway, I do it, so you don’t have too. Check these out…

#10 A Beautiful Moser Art Glass Pitcher just sold for $750 at Woody’s. They always have amazing glass. Check out that beautiful salamander handle. They had some investment grade glass as they always do and it’s still a bit of buyers’ market in glass. So, get it while the getting is good.

#9 is a Wedgwood China Dinner Service that just hammered for $1300 at Greenwich Auction. The pattern was in the Florentine Turquoise, hey that’s what they called me in High School. But as you know, I am always following China as I do believe, one day, the grandeur of the place setting will return.

#8 This wonderful Georgian Traveler Desk brought $1900 at Abell’s. It featured built in 18th Century reading lights. Oh yes, that would be the 2-candle power model. So cool to still be intact after all these years and a great find for a collector.

#7 A Thomas Hart Benton Print just realized $2800 at Freemans. Titled Photographing the Bull this is from a limited edition of 500 from 1950. That means they are out here so keep an eye out. I am always telling you, do not write off the print market.

#6 These Mid Mod Hans Olsen lounge chairs just did $6500 at Clars. Totally funk a dunk, and awesome. These should illustrate when you are out picking, always give midcentury a second look. If you do not know the maker but it’s got the look, it’s worth a gamble if the deal is right.

#5 Is an unassuming set of Tiffany Playing Cards that just brought $7000 at Freemans. It was the 1879 Harlequin Set and known as transitional. Or in other words, when cards began to transition to the modern era design, we are all familiar with. I always look for old playing card sets.

#4 is a 1923 $5 Lincoln Porthole Silver Certificate that just brought $9000 at 1 Great Deal Auctions. Collectible Currency is still very strong, and investors really seem to love it. They are not making any more of them and your crazy uncle might still have a few of these in a cigar box somewhere.

Okay this one is crazy….

#3 a Single 1993 Magic the Gathering Card just sold for $55,000 at Bodnars Auction. It was the Black Lotus from the Alpha Set …. oh, that explains it…okay, no it doesn’t but as you can see…Magic like Pokémon Cards are on Fire right now…did I mention this one was graded a 7.5. Can you imagine what a 9 or 10 would do? MAGIC…

Coming in a #2 was JFKs Harvard Sweater that realized $68,213 at RR Auctions. It had a wonderful story and provenance. It was Gifted by Jackie to a CBS Camera Man who seemed cold while filming a 1964 Interview. Great stuff.

But here is todays #1. The Carved Bobwhite Quail Pair by A. Elmer Crowell just brought $180,000 at Copley Fine Art Auctions. Yes, that is $180,000 for some carved birds and was part of, by my calculations, a multi-million-dollar collection of art and decoys. I am always telling you about decoys but again It’s an art form that has a wealthy collector and competitive fan base. That is auction gold, and they are out there. If you are interested, you might want to learn more.

But that is it for this week. If you enjoyed the post, subscribe to my blog or YouTube Channel…I have more on the way. And if you did not notice, I listen to my fans. Short and sweet with all the meat.

Until Next Post.



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