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The Dirty 30: What's Your House Hiding?

Do I have your attention? Are your listening to me? Because I keep beating the drum, people. The antique & collectible market is heating up. Whatever the reason, be it nostalgia or just getting your green on, the fact is, collectors are back at it. What could this mean to you? A few extra bucks in your spare time or simply converting to cash those lost treasures hiding in the closets, attics and basements of America.

My hope is today’s "Dirty 30" just might inspire you to brave a few mothballs, clear out the cubbies or begin the family scavenger hunt.

Have a quick surf through the today’s list. I’ll be curious to find out if you don’t already own one or more of these potential hidden gems.

1. Games

What? Yes…. its a fact that vintage board games, as well as the retro handheld video games are highly demanded in the second-hand market. An original 1933 Charles Darrow Edition of Monopoly recently sold at auction for $146,500. And sure, this is a super rare variation but to illustrate much more recent examples, such as the 2013 Monopoly South Park Edition is fetching over $200. The fact is, there are so many board games out there, that today command higher prices than their original retail. Many after only a few years as they become out of print and nostalgic to their generation.

Tip: Always double-check to verify a game is complete before you put it up for sale. You may have forgot why your mom put in in the attic. You ate one of the dice… With the electric handheld vintage games, inspect the condition of the battery compartment.

2. First Edition Books

Rare books are highly prized and sought after. Many today believe they’ve gone the way of the Dodo. Its quite the contrary. The fact is people have been unknowingly discarding them. Adding to scarcity. It seems the move to digital is driving up, the real thing. Sites like Biblio, Abe’s and Worthpoint can help find & value your editions. Condition, demand and scarcity are the driving forces. Book have several other factors, such as, is it am Advanced Reading Copy, a First Edition, a Rare edition, a signed copy, and so on. I just know there are hidden gems everywhere and many some cases, being eaten by silverfish. What ever the case, take some time and have a look at those "scratch off lottery tickets."

3. Hubley Cast-Iron Doorstops

Want to make gold out of iron? You don’t need to be an Alchemist. You just need to do a little homework. Perhaps you have a few old doorstops from your folks’ place. If so study them a bit. One of those could be a cast-iron doorstop, a century or more old. They did survived everything. Period originals are typically $200-300 but some of the original early casting can really perform. They come in all shapes and sizes: cats, dogs, lady-figurines, penguins, vases, horses. Whatever the shape, the real one’s are hidden bucks!

4. First-Gen Gaming Consoles

There is something that original gaming systems had that today’s just don’t. Lifelike graphics and AI doesn’t stand a chance against the gaming innovations of the past. There is a reason why Retro Video game consoles, those from the 70s and 80s, are bagging bucks.

Recently a rare Nintendo PlayStation Prototype brought $360,000. You may still have that old Intellivision, Atari, Vectrex or Colecovision hiding in the closet. Isn’t it time to give them a new home?

An original copy of the fan-favorite Super Mario Bros recently sold at auction for over $100,000.

5. Loving Cups

Sharing love and wine amongst the generations of wedding guests, loving cups have been around for centuries. Art Nouveau, Bohemian, George III, Mid-Century, Rococo, Romantic Era, and Victorian all have examples that are highly prized. They signified the unity of the people gathered. Later on, the form became a common prize for achievers, and presented as trophies and elegant ceremonies.

Made of silver, earth, enamel, wood, or glass, an expert can always tell its price from the design. But is you ever come across an offbeat 3-handled cups….well, a few have sold for millions.

(Tip: Learn all about Hallmarks (my video on the subject) or pickup an identification book. Other unique engravings and etchings can be clues to their age, as well.)

6. Vinyl Albums

Extinction was imminent for vinyl records before hard-core collectors decided to drop the needle again. Vinyl needs no introduction to the world of collectors, despite all the new tech. Artist, demand & scarcity drives value. Sealed or an artist autograph can add serious premiums. True connoisseurs will tell you, even slight label variations can greatly influence price as well. Picture discs and picture sleeves can be added bonuses. Others to be on the look out for are limited editions, foreign editions, and withdrawn releases. I can just see you raiding your parents’ stash now. Want to see the crazies…check out the video or blog post I did a few months back on the subject. (VIDEO POST)

7. Art Deco Clocks

Got nothing on the list so far? Worry not…we move on. Maybe you have some Art Deco. The style attracts not just its collectors but today’s interior decorators, as well. Are we about to be living again in the Roaring ‘20s. Can we all call it the screaming 2020s so far? One of the more common finds in the genre are the deco period clocks. These are still highly sought after. Age, condition, aesthetics, and maker name are all key factors in the price of ‘these “Gatsby” era clocks. The look is what they really want. After all, we carry our clocks today. The mantles or a good steampunk looking nautical clock tend to be pricier models versus you Deco bedside, but note, the materials matter. And they come in everything…from brass, onyx, glass, wood, Bakelite, or even sharkskin, that’s right, sharkskin!

8. Suiteki Calligraphy Water Dropper

Designed to dispense small drops of water, these little porcelain masterpieces gloat that ‘form-meet-function’ niche. The dying art of East Asian calligraphy is the trinity of water, inkstick, & inkstone. These tiny vessels are so diverse. Typically made of porcelain, they can be jar-like, animal-shaped, two-handled, or spouted. The tell is two orifices that control the air-water balance.

Quite simplistic and yet so functional. Stumbling upon one of these while thrifting or a yard sailing might just mean a small fortune. Especially if you find a period example in good shape. It could really mean $2K plus in your bank account.

9. Stamps

Some believe stamps are one of those "needle in the haystack" kind of finds, and I say true! Well, for the most part, but if you find the right one’s. Sky’s the limit. An Inverted Jenny stamp form World War I sold in 2016 for $1,351,250…typically they only fetch a mere $200,000…not bad.

(Tip: If you find a collection, seek out a reputable philatelist…check reviews and references. You want to be in the know here.)

10. Perfume Bottles

Glass-blown Victorian Perfume bottles topped off with silver are in high demand. Edwardian silver or gold examples with ornate engravings can fetch you a killing. The old Atomizers from your grandmother’s powder room can surprise you too. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard of these all being tossed away, just prior to me coming to do an appraisal.

Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Classic Apothecary and Cameo Glass Perfume Bottles tend to be overlooked by most. I hope no more….

11. Jadeite Ball Jugs

Treasured by collectors and home-makers alike today, these 30s’ favorites attract wads of dough. Beware of fakes and reproductions, but you know if it was grandmas or not. They are prone to cracking too, so look closely. But not to worry. All that is what makes Jadeite Ball Jugs all the more valuable. Also, a quick google search will show you how identify the genuine and show you samples of the makers hallmarks.