Which "Brady Girl" are you ?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Oh Perspective, you are a cruel mistress. When you are mine, I love you. When you are someone else’s. I despise thee. I had my perspective. The view of my proud Generation. Generation X. So cool & with mutant powers. After-all, we are Atari, Grunge, Hip Hop, and Indy Films. We are self-reliant, entrepreneurial, and the original latch key kids! Behold our glory, the MTV Generation. We shall be celebrated. I love you, self, and all of your perspective. But wait, there are others at the door, with their perspectives, claiming our greatness. The Boomers. The Millennials. Do they not worship and thank us for all the things we have bestowed upon them? No… It was just then, from my high horse, that my proud, inner warrior channeled the memories of reruns from long ago. For they hold much wisdom. Thank the TV Gods, the bastions of morality, who so ingrained their lessons into every fiber of my being. Thankfully, I recall upon at them any time. It is said that Little House, Gilligan’s Island, Scooby Doo, Love Boat and What’s Happening all hold the key to life’s greatest mysteries…. but this time, it was the Great Father Teacher, Mike. Mike Brady. And it was just then that I realized, I am, and we are all Jan.

The Queen of Gen X

Jan, The middle sister, and Queen of GenX. Trapped between The Marcia Boomers and the Cindy Millennials. For its Marcia that gets all the attention. Everyone writes about them, talks about them and markets to them. They have the fame and most of the fortune. They are the beautiful, and aging like a fine wine, mature, and so popular, like Marcia. You know them as Johnny Depp (thought he was ours) Bill Gates, Samuel L Jackson, Kim Cattrall, Stevie Nicks, Eddie Murphy, Oprah, Bruce Willis, Gene Simmons, and Arnold. No surprise they have 57% of the Nationals Wealth.

The Cindy's

Then there are the Cindy’s…. The Millennials. The naive, precocious little girls, with all that baby talk and sensitivities. Those sensitivities have matured into moral outrages and public outcries over just about everything. And Cindy now has a cellphone. You cannot keep her off her phone. Remember Cindy was always snooping, sharing secrets (oversharing) and with a nasty habit of always tattling? You know Cindy. She’s Mark Zuckerberg, snooping and sharing secrets. By the way, as I started writing this, it was all tongue in cheek but damn, I think I am on to something here.

So back to me, the Jan. Jealous of the seemingly more popular Boomers, trapped in the awkward position as the middle Generation. Mad at Mom and Dad for coddling the Millennials. We were left home alone, had no cellphones, bicycle helmets or car seats. Apparently, the boomers did not love us as much as their second marriage children. We did not have Invisalign. We had a mouth full of metal. Do I look pretty now Mom!

Okay, I got to calm down. This was just supposed to be a fun little blog post, spawn from a crazy analogy I thought of, on a walk with my Millennial Wife and Beta Generation (I think) Baby Girl. She said something snarky about my Generation and I said, oh so we are all like Jan Brady. We laughed and I thought, great blog. I did not know it was ALL TRUE!

Because I am me and I must give you some facts here. I can just keep blogging random thoughts without giving you some meat. Most of us are a bit vague and there are a few slight differences of opinion on the exact timeline, but this is the general consensus.

So, which Brady Girl are you?