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Is all this too Freud for you?

Updated: May 23, 2020

I often share, okay, overshare if you know me, and recently received some amazing feedback. It’s funny how when you listen to people, a skill I try, try, try…to work on religiously, they will teach you something every day. See how in that sentence I even cut myself off. Still working on listening. Okay, back to the story. I was talking, imagine, about my plans to write a book. Why don’t they want my stuff? I was elaborating on all my theories when they, an actual Millennial type creature, told me why they don’t want “it.” The “it” being their parents or grandparents’ stuff. I was so impressed with the honesty in her answer as well as the light bulbs she set off in my head.

Are you ready for it? She said millennials don’t want your stuff because they actually resent it. What !?!?!? And the actual word she used was “hate.” I don’t know too many people that collect things they hate. Okay…. let me explain, as it was explained to me. Her mother would constantly warn her and her brother, “Don’t touch that, you’ll break it.” “That is not a toy, that was your grandmothers.” “Put that down, do you know how much that’s worth”. On an on, until it made her hate that piece. It was not fun or a something to reflect positively over with nostalgia and, it sure wasn’t something she would ever want to collect. It almost ruined all vintage, retro antiques and “old” things for her.

Psychologically, it makes sense. I know because it gave me flashbacks. I heard all those same things. She was pretty self-aware and in tune because she further explained that her mother loved antiques. She, her mother, actually had fond memories of playing with these things as a little girl. Her mother (grandma) let her play with them, because to grandma, they were utilitarian and to be used. Mom had fond memories, emotions and love for these objects because of the emotions they evoked and as an adult, wanted to protect these items from a clumsy child that didn’t understand. Instead of letting her build a sentimental attachment too, she, I am sure unwittingly, created a hatred for these fragile things she wasn’t allowed to touch. Is all this too Freud for you?

By the way, mom’s not a bad person for this, and I do not judge a generation that probably had a lot of moms like this in it. Oh yeah, like my mom and most I can remember growing up. I say all this because I just find it interesting and all starting to make sense. Enjoy and now go talk amongst yourselves….

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