Greatest Hits: Last Week @ The Auction

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Where have you been?

Perhaps you live under an AUCTION ROCK, or a bridge, for the Trolls out there, that have spent their quarantine time, shaming stuff. But I ask you, The Auction Fans & Collectors of the World, "have you been missing out on America’s Hottest Auction YouTube Series, LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION?"

It has been called, "Entertainingly Educational,” “Great for the industry," and my favorite, "Josh Sucks!" Can't please everybody, but I am deep in to filming season two and figured I'd do a Best of Season 1 Post to bring you all up to speed and put all these great results in 1 place. If you are already a fan and watching, this will be a great recap. If you are in the business, you will see all the exposure the show has already brought to the industry. Season One has had over 100,000 Views! Season 2 is on track to shatter that! (SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR FREE) or Watch Commercial Free on My Website Site. (VIDEO LINK)

So, I give you "The Best of Last Week at the Auction Season 1"...and my personally favorites. Let’s say what I find to be the most intriguing Auction Results from around the globe, or at least North America. Al have been as hand selected (or mouse selected) by me, Josh Levine, your host and guide to the world of auctions...Thank you again for making this America’s Hottest Auction You Tube Series and a complete Social Media Sensation.

Thanks to this series, I have 100s of new Facebook followers and have been hit on several times on Instagram one...crickets? Must be my conservative face.

Well, we have a lot to cover. So here it is, my BEST OF Last Week at the Auction SEASON 1...with Pretty Pictures.

Under $1000 Fun

A 6” Square Rookwood Pottery Rook Tile, most may have overlooked brought…$200 at Cowan’s. (left)