Chinese Antiques

A Last Week at the Auction SPECIAL EDITION

Over the past 3 seasons of Last Week at the Auction I’ve been telling you, Chinese Antiques are taking the auction world by storm. I could literally do an episode every week based on that genre alone, but typically I try to give you a more well-rounded general glimpse in to what’s going on out there. But for now and today’s post, I just want to share a quick visual primer as to what I have been talking about and what to look for. Seeing is believing.

Here’s what I’d like to call CHINESE ANTIQUES, Last Week at the Auction Special Edition.

Oh….and yeah, All of these results are real and from just these past few months.

Chinese Blue & White Dragon Vase


Kelmscott's Fine Art Auction - Plano TX

Chinese Burl Wood Brush Pot


Lakeridge Auctioneers - Toronto ON