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It Doesn't Have to Be Old

It's that time of the week. It’s Last Week at the Auction. America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the Globe. I am Josh Levine, your post host and guide to the secondhand subculture. And if you know me, you know, I love auctions, estate sales, and thrift stores. And so, should you. It is fun and a great way to make a little extra money.

The best way to keep up with what’s hot is by following real-world auction results. You know…. seeing what people want and are buying. But who has time for that? I do, so you don’t have to.

Check these out….

#10 is a Hot Wheels Real Riders 83 Chevy Silverado that brought 1400 @ MATTHEW BULLOCK AUCTIONEERS. Mind you this was still carded, but take note, it was from 2007 Series. Something that was $4 - 14 years ago is now commanding $1400. That’s like crypto.

#9 A Pair of Maitland Smith Elephant Lamps just sold for $2400 @ LELAND LITTLE. That’s amazing as Maitland Smith is by no means antique. It’s a high end contemporary design company but when you find that name on décor at the thrift store its bound to be a score….want more.

#8 An Antonio Pineda Sterling Silver and Amethyst Cuff Bracelet just did $3000 at JOHN MORAN…I’ve talked about Mexican Silver makers in the past. What is $50 in scrap at the pawn ship is $3000 if you know your makers. If it’s vintage, Mexican silver jewelry, I say buy it. It’s not that big of a risk, its silver after all and could have big rewards.

#7 A Clown Bust Mechanical Bank just brought $3250 @ BERTOIA. He’s a pleasant-looking fella. Yikes. But circa 1920 and that is his original pain, that makes this guy a score to the collectors. Prewar Mechanical Cast Iron Banks are just killing it. You just have to know if its real or repro.

#6 A Swiss Travel Poster by Martin Peikert just sold for $6000 @ HINDMAN. Original Deco Travel Posters are commanding big bucks these days. This circa 1940 is a real beauty. I just question who was visiting Switzerland during WW2. Thrill seekin’ skiers I guess.

Okay, #5 is a Vladimir Kagan Serpentine Sofa that brought $7000 @ FREEMAN. I know what you are thinking. Was that Leroy Neiman’s Sofa? No…it’s just the latest design crazy trend. The late 80s and early 90s are back. Wait….does that make me cool again? No….I wasn’t cool then either.

But if I rocked this next one, I’d feel cool….#4 is The Rolex Explorer MK1 Stainless Steel Watch that just hammered for $9500 @ 1 GREAT DEAL. Watches are still killing it, even without a fit bit in it. Seriously, Classic Men’s watches have commanded consistent resale values for as long as I have been tracking auction results.

But check these out…#3 A Pair of Chinese Bowls just brought $15000 at ABELL.

And when I say each was only 4” in diameter, did you have the same reaction I did. Wow. If you haven’t seen my special on Chinese Antiques and that crazy “wild west” of a market, go check it out. Or should I say far-out far east market?

Moving along #2 is Ulysses by James Joyce's that just brought $22,000 at FREEMANS. Yes, it was a 1st Edition and c.1922 but I know there are more of these out there. In fact, they printed 1000. This one had some great provenance as it was part of the personal collection of author Frank McCourt but, check out the condition. Not top-notch. Find a crispy copy and who knows how much you might get?

But I give you #1 This Large Chinese Blue and White 'Dragon' Vase just sold for $150,000 at HINDMAN and continuing with my….hey pay attention to Chinese…This Danping or Bottle Vase was from the REPUBLIC PERIOD. That’s 1912-1949 and 19" tall. A fine example but not what the Chinese would consider antique. Qing or Ming Dynasty.

Now get out there and find one. They are out there. And when it’s time for you or the auction company to ship it….ask them if they heard about Shipping Saint! Ah yes, a shameless plus for my friend’s shipping software company.

Shipping Saint solves the challenge auctioneers and estate sale companies have faced for years. Turn Shipping into a company asset, not a curse. Curious…I got their special sign-up link here. Tell them Josh Sent You.

If you enjoyed the show, subscribe below because I have more on the way. I keep it short and sweet with all the meat. Now get out there, find some treasure, share this show with a friend and Tell Me your best find in the comment section below.

Until We Stream Again!



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