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My Pet Monster

Here we go again….it’s Last Week at the Auction...America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe as hand selected by me, Josh Levine, your blog post host and guide to the world of auctions – This is Episode 6 of Season 3....and officially The Hottest You Tube Series and Social Media Sensation in the world...yes, okay....the auction world

Now with over 10,000 Subscribers and over 1 Million Views, we are expecting exponential growth as the word is out. You people love Auctions and better yet, crazy Auction Results…but I know, that you know, that I know…you are here for the fancy learnin’ !

Knowing what’s hot today in the secondary market can mean dollars in your pocket. It’s a fact that watching Last Week at the Auction, every week, can make you money, both buying and selling. And isn’t that what we all want? World Peace!

So lets go….it’s last week at the auction…

We start off things right with the hottest band in the world! KISS !


#10 is Marvel’s 1977 Kiss Comic that brought $280 at Matthew Bullocks. I think every one of my friends had this. Of course I cut mine all up to make my Kiss Closet. Didn’t everyone have a Kiss Closet?

Kiss has always known the power of Marketing and this comic was just the start of what has become an incredible franchise of stuff. If you can stick Kiss on it…they sell it. You know there’s a Kiss Kasket….


Okay, I’ve been telling you that 1980s Toys are hot and here’s a blast from the past. #9 is the 1986 Amtoy MY PET MONSTER that just sold for $375 at Quinns Auction. He had horns, blue fur, a fanged smile, and breakaway orange plastic handcuffs. A hit toy for the American Greetings Co, he even went on to have his own cartoon. He’s starting to show he’s got some nostalgia collectability, that’s for sure. And he was so much cooler that the “my buddy doll.”


Alright, our next lot is from the garden architectural genre. #8 is 3 Cast Metal Geese that just brought $1800 at Abells. I always search the yard at estate sales for these kind of goodies. Many people don’t realize the things in the yard have value and can be taken for granted or just seens as worthless old lawn ornaments. Don’t leave $1800 in your yard.


#7 is an Angela Trotta Thomas Oil painting that did $4000 at Rail & Road Auctions. What makes this painting special and the others in this sale was their previous owner, Richard Kughn. A man who loved his toy trains so much that he bought Lionel in 1986 and many credit him with resurrecting the company. This sale had many amazing original works of art all dedicated to the love of these trains.


Okay, what time is it…it’s time for #6 and it’s the Universal Tri Compax Chronograph Wristwatch that sold for $5500 at Butterscotch Auction. Not a household name like Rolex or Omega, this watch is all about collectability and a killer movement. Would you have know this was a $5000 watch if you saw it? There’s always something to learn and make sure you research those little finds in dad’s old dresser drawers when handling an estate. There are many a watch out there that will surprise you. It’s not just the household names.


So what’s next….. #5 is Classic Mid-Century Walnut and Brass Credenza that brought $6250 at Leland Little. It was unattributed but had the look all the designers and millennials want today. Mid Mod is going to be here for a while so keep your eyes peeled. This is something I bet you can pickup at an estate sale for $300 or $400 and turn a great profit.


I love this one, #4 is a 1950s K&O Fleet Line Outboard Toy Motor Store Display that just did $12,500 at Milestone. Featuring some great toy battery op motors and in excellent condition, the toy buyers were fighting over this one. How cool of a find was this.


Now for my Big Bird Fans…#3 is a Large 19th Century Eagle Weathervane that soared to $14,000 at William Smith Auctions. It had a 63” wingspan and was a rare variant. Period Weathervanes command top dollar at auction and fall in to my, don’t overlook the stuff out side, in the yard or on the roof. Architectural elements are in demand. Got it…


Okay #2 is a Rare Bruinoil 1 Gallon Can that sold for $25,000 at Route 32 & Showtime Auctions. Great Graphics and quite hard to find, especially in this condition. This was part of an amazing sale that featured many wonderful advertising finds. I heard these two companies recently merged. Can’t wait to see what they have coming up next.


So here we are and I think this one is a little timely ….#1 is a Princess Di Worn Dress that just did $26,000 at Mid Hudson Auctions. The hit nexflix series, The Crown has cast Diana back in to the spotlight and what a great time to auction a known piece that belonged to the Princess. She had been seen and photographed in this dress at least twice and the lot was accompanied with its provenance. When selling a collectible or nostalgia is always great to strike while the iron is hot and the Royal Family is back in the spotlight again, so it might be time to sell what you have, if you are holding.

And that’s what happened….last week at the auction.

So now it’s time to answer this week’s question from one of my wonderful viewers. “Hey Josh, where’s the best place to find things to resell?”

Well that’s a great question and I wish there was one simple answer, but If you ask me my favorite, it’s got to be the yard sales. You never know what you will stumble across, but honestly, I like to be as diverse as possible. So I used to schedule a day of yard sailing, typically Friday’s…1st day’s the best day…2 days of auctions, 1 day of hitting all my favorite thrifts stores and junk shops and the other 3 days, listing, packing and shipping…yeah, that’s a 7 day work week, but when you love what you do….it’s not work.

May be that’ll be a video….well again, thank you everyone….don’t forget you can email me…… – feel free to ask me any, and all questions…

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Check out all the great auction houses from today’s show, support your local auctioneers…and special thanks to the Lucky Odds out of San Antonio Texas, for providing me their hit song, Whiplash, check them out at….Support Your Local Artists and Musicians…

I’ll see you next week...or…………….Last Week at the Auction!




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Anyway....that my update. If you ever need help an estate, just a free consult or a real estate agent. I would be thrilled to help you.

All my best!


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