Medicine of Metals: Copper vs Covid !

Updated: May 23, 2020

I just knew it. Heavy Metal can cure everything. Can’t Sleep? Slayer. Bad day at work? Maiden or Megadeath. Nosey Neighbors? King Diamond…also good for an exorcism. Can’t get your grandparents in to Metal? Trans-Siberian Orchestra…. it’s just Christmas Music. If I hooked in you into this reading so far, it may just be your inner mullet that loves all my 80s name dropping…. sorry. It’s gonna get all “historical and learny” up in here. But I think you will enjoy & find this pretty darned fascinating !

So yesterday, an article titled, “Why is Copper Good at Killing Viruses” came across my morning news feed. And of course, I had to click it. After just a little skimming, my ADHD reminded me of an arcane historical foot note I once read. It involved a similar tale regarding silver and its properties. From there, my investigative mind wandered. Where you ask? Into HEAVY METAL and its historical medicinal uses. Its only natural, right. It also had me pondering the potential 21st Century Recycling opportunities. What do I mean by that? Well, other than the “metal recycling play on words” what I mean is, how we sometimes “forget” historical lessons learned, especially in modern medicine.

I need to point out here, I am not a doctor, although I played one as a child. I am just amazed when medical science stumbles upon a “cure” or treatment to something that Shaman or The Ancients appear to have known for hundreds or 1000s of years. You would think we would have examined or expanded upon some of these lost arts by now. Or maybe we are just waiting for AI to do it for us. I just believe there is so much opportunity in our past knowledge, either lost thru war, ignorance, the burning of the Library in Alexandria or by some other crazy conspiracy theory. You know, the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry and its inability to profit from synthesizing and patenting a drug….or that a cure is not profitable. Okay, I am sure there is something to that. And, I am sure there is, was and will be a little of that uncovered in at annals of time, but I digress. I will attempt to illustrate my original point.

Let’s talk Metal and History. First there was Black Sabbath. Just kidding. I want to talk about Silver, Copper, Gold & Mercury. Then, maybe a little lead poisoning.

Did you know The Ancient Romans, as well as the Egyptians, knew of the medicinal properties of Silver? Silver was found to play an important role in wound healing. And before you scoff at the idea of this. Silver has been used for millennia to prevent infections. In fact, Silver is considered by many to be the most important antimicrobial agent prior to the introduction of antibiotics, which have only been around since the 1940s. And, some medical applications of silver are still used today. Silver-based salves are used to treat burns, kill infections and so much more.

Now for copper and what lead to write this post. A study found copper surfaces were killing the Covid 19 Coronavirus within 4 hours, versus it’s 72-hour survival rate on plastics and other common surfaces. Just this morning I ready that a Chilean Company was producing Copper Face Masks for their medical professionals. So, I had to know. Is this knowledge of Copper’s Killer Properties new? And just as in the case of silver, NO!!! It’s literally been known for thousands of years. It was most likely man’s first disinfectant. And just recently, historically speaking, the antimicrobial effects of copper have been revisited. Some of the findings in these studies over the past 2 decades leave me a little shocked, if not disturbed. Most specifically its potential to combat MRSA, MERS and H1N1. I am perplexed as to why hospitals are not all completely copper lined. Perhaps I am naive, but if you are interested, read Jim Morrison’s article in the Smithsonian Magazine. But let’s move on…