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10 Best Guitar Amplifiers of 2021 Under $500

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

If you follow my posts or YouTube Channel, you know I have played guitar since the age of 4. I previously owned and operated a music store, and gave guitar lessons in a past life. For what ever the reason, people have reached out to me for my advice on all thing "guitar shop." So in this post I am going to share with you, my updated, 2021 opinion of the 10 Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $500 and with the links to find them. Plus, these links have more personal reviews to help you make a better buying decision.

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#10 is the Fender Frontman 10G -

This is what I remember a practice amp to look like. Extremely basic and easy to use. Clean and overdrive, aux input and 10-watts of power. Perfect for an in-home beginning guitar player.

Most notable: 10-watts, Lightweight, Simple design, Easy to use

No bells and whistles, just straight forward. This is a great amp for a beginner on a budget.

#9 Fender Champion 20 -

2x as powerful as the Frontman 10G. Still very portable. 17 different amp models that will please almost everyone. With it's aux and headphone inputs, you can listen to your favorite music and play along with headphones to preserve everyone's sanity. Bonus ! Not quite enough juice to play live unless it's in a very intimate setting. A wonderful EQ section allows you to get just the right tone. Great for practicing with a little more power. No confusing features.

Most notable: 20-Watts, Small and lightweight, 17 Amp models, EQ section, Aux/Phone inputs.

A great amp for anyone looking for a practice amp with bit more power and capability. Being able to turn up a bit more when home alone is fun. With 17 different amp models, you can really pick and choose what kind of sound you want.

8. Yamaha THR10II Desktop -

Extremely light and compact, great for home practice. Yamaha has always been reliable & they really delivered again. Features 5 classic amp models with a nice variety of tone. Super cool effects using Yamaha's VCM technology. Hifi quality sound through a compact speaker casing. Guitar modes include electric, acoustic and bass. Did I mention it will also run stand alone on battery power. That's cool too.

Most notable: Extremely lightweight, Desktop engineered, Multiple effect capabilities, Hifi Sound quality, Versatile design

For a simple and practical practice amp, it doesn't look or sound much better than this. It looks like an amp head and surprises most as the sound comes right out of it. So many tones and for the price a great little amp to have around when you are inspired.

7. Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 -

Peavey makes everything and they quite are good at it. Guitar amps, bass amps and stage speakers. The Vypyr VIP 2, they have decided that having an amp that can handle bass frequencies in a guitar amp is a good way to go. As a guitar player, having these bass frequencies availbale is kind of unique. And super versatile, as you can play an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar through it. Its 40-watts, great for recording, practice or smaller live gigs. It doesn't quite have the power, as a stand alone, to make it to the back of the room, but when mic'd up, no sweat. Along with the extra frequency capabilities, did I mention it has the modeling technology? There are tons of different presets & it has a tuner too.

Most Notable: Modeling technology, Bass capabilities, 40-watt, Lightweight, Versatile effects

Truly one of the most capable amps under $500. So many different tonal presets to play with. The fact that you can play a bass through it is kind of nuts. This would kill the speaker on most amps. This is new technology and great for players who like to pick up different types of guitars, i.e. 7 strings and Baritones.

6. Monoprice 611815 15-Watt -

Beyond easy to move around and takes up virtually no space at all. The Monoprice 611815 15-watt amp has that warm, deep tube amplifier sound. Tube amps are typically in much bigger and heavy. It's nice to have all that tone in a small package. Simply design & straight forward EQ.

A 12" celestial speaker and spring reverb makes it a classic. There is an FX loop located between the pre and power amp if you see a pedal board in your future. This is a great home practice amp. Call it a no-nonsense, tube tone, compact classic !

Most Notable: Durable and light, Tube power amp, 15-Watt, Spring reverb, Celestial speaker

Simple practice amp with great tone. Clean guitar tones and expandable versatility with the fx loop. A great practice or beginner amp.

5. Fender Mustang GT 100 -

Another 100-watt amp that will give you more than enough power. For an amp under $500, you get tons of features. It's in the "modeling amp" classification which just means it is packed with built-in effects. You can even download more via The Fender Tone app and wifi! Imagine custom settings, just for you, designed Fender artists and uploaded directly to your amps database. Totally nuts. Everything is controllable via Bluetooth and LED screen. This amp is loud enough to keep up with any jam session.

Most Notable: Modeling technology, Wifi and Bluetooth, Fender Tone app, 100-watt power

Having all of your favorite artists sounds available at the touch of a button is a lot of fun.

4. Fender Mustang GT 40 -

The 40 watt Brother of the Mustang GT 100, this amp has the tones you want, just in a smaller case. 40-watts is still a nice amount of power but this Bluetooth enabled, solid state amp is best suited for around the house as your practice amp. In a jam setting, it will keep up if you are not playing with knuckle heads. Features all the presets available through that amazing Fender Tone app. All the versatility, without the weight.

Most Notable: Lightweight, Modeling presets, Great tone, Fender Tone app, 40-watts

A compact version of the Mustang GT 100...just more portable and takes up less space. The presets are the same.

3. Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D -

Marshall typically has a metal and hard rock reputation but they make other amazing products like this!. The Acoustic Soloist is really warm and versatile. Don't let the funky retro look fool you, with its two channels, clean & overdrive, the 50-watts of power through two 8" speakers might just be what you need. Chorus and reverb effects are built in too. If you're looking for a reliable amp for around the house with juice, the Acoustic Soloist will impress.

Most Notable: 50-watt, Chorus/reverb, Marshall quality, XLR input, Retro design

Great product ! A powerful practice amp with style and performance.

2. Fender Champion 100 -

This is plug and play ready. Fender makes a great amp. With two 12" speakers, crystal clear tones, power and amazing overdrive. I don't know why it doesn't come stock with the footswitch, but channel switching can be done by hand.

The auxiliary input is cool if you want to jam to MP3s. This is a powerful practice amp and completely handle jamming with friends in a loud space.

Most Notable: Excellent sound quality, built tough, aux input, Two 12" speakers, Fender's Rep

Perfect for acoustic and electric guitars. The clean channel's sound is bright and crisp and overdrive channel rips. Very versatile and easy to use.

1. BOSS Katana 100/212 Mkll 100-watt 2x12" Combo Amp -

This is the one if I got $500 burning a hole in my pocket. It’s the Ragu of amps….”Its in there”…I probably lost half of you with that. I just mean, this amp has it all. 100 watts but has a power control that allows for home practice without losing tonal character. All of Boss’s historic effects. Five unique amp characters

(Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown, and Acoustic), plus Five independent effects sections. I love the delay and reverb. I am just briefly touching on what this monster can do. This is the amp I had everyone email me about over the past 6 months. Again, for the money….just under $500, you can’t beat this amp. It’s ridiculous.

Well….i hope today’s post helps you make a decision. I have all the links below and they all have 100s of players reviews as well.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog or YouTube Channel to stay in the know. Maybe tell me what you are playing. That’s how I learned about that Katana.

Until next post my friends...



10 Ibanez Jam Pack $149.00

9 Fender CD-60S $199.00

8 Takamine GD20-NS $329.00

7 Washburn HD20S $299.00

6 Guild D-240E $399.00

4 Seagull S6 $499.00

3 Yamaha FS840 $429.00

2 Ibanez Artwood AVD9$449.00

1 Taylor Academy 12 $499.00




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