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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

You all seem to love auction results and I aim to please with this week’s report. It is time again for the blog post edition of Last Week at the Auction! America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe as hand selected by me, Josh Levine, you blog post host with the most and guide to the world of auctions. This is my Cross Pollinated Hybrid of the Antiques Roadshow, the smell of broken Avon Bottles, a slice of Desperation….all aged in a China Cabinet, sprinkled with a little SEO fairy dust….and what you get is ? An amazing post…

All the goods...Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more...I am telling you...Nothing is more interesting than The Auction World...

But just a little Quick business “begging” …Before you click away / leave, Subscribe Below, share it with a friend, and perhaps leave me a Comment or 2… share your ideas. The links to everything I discuss, all my social media channels and where you can find out more about all these great auctions, is down below.

Now I will get to is Last Week at the Auction!

Coming in @ #10 A Pair of Early 20th Century Tibetan Wood Citipati Masks brought? $900!

Citipati sounds Italian or I am butchering the pronunciation, I am betting on the later…but the Folks at Artemis in had to be thrilled with results…. And being the curious type, just like you guys….I need to know…who are these Citipati peeps….well it seems they are the skeletal protector deities of Tibetan Buddhism Folklore….so now you know too. Citipati!

#9 is a Louis XV Style, Carved and Gilt, Queen Size Bed that brought $1,200 @ Leland Little in Hillsborough NC…. why would I feature this piece? To prove people still buy tacky, gaudy, awful beds…no…if that is your style, you are okay in my book….to each their own. Two things…. to teach the term "style" meaning it's design, and not of the period.

This bed was a made in the later half of the 20th Century and 2, I keep seeing use furniture prices tick up and I like it. That is all….

#8…Chinese Iron Hand Cannons…. yes, a 6- & 8-Barrel pair brought $1500 @ Artemis Louisville Colorado…these look like so much fun. Talk about “you’ll shoot your eye out”….how about you’ll blow your hand off….these 13th Century babies were packed with gunpowder, a few projectiles and lit by manual external ignition through a touch hole….sounds fun, but was it! Safety people!

Alright #7…is China Back? This 134 Piece Set of Herend in the Chinese Green Bouquet Pattern brought - $3,400 again, at Leland Little…. they always have great stuff. This was a service for 18 or so, but I want to follow this trend and see. Maybe China is making a little bit of a comeback. Got time to do the dishes by hand with all that quarantining going on!

Okay, it’ #6 and I missed them last week but my friends at 1 Great Auction in Meridian Idaho are back with a 1891 $50 Silver Certificate….it sold for an amazing $4250 and I am now sure, they have the coolest coin and currency auction in the West !

Hey, I film here in AZ in my currently 100-degree garage so I thought it would be perfect to cool things down with #5…. The MCLOUGHLIN BROS. SANTA CLAUS CUBE PUZZLE. This circa 1880 paper litho’d beauty brought $7500 at Bertoia in Vineland NJ…."The Night Before Christmas" was a hit at a great multi day sale that featured several important toy collections.

But what is this thing?

Well it is…#4 and is an 18th C. Hawaiian Wood……Sennit & Shark Tooth…. Niho 'Oki

….so, what would one bid and pay for an authentic Niho Oki? How about $8500….oh yes, that’s a great find and auction result for the great people at Artemis in Louisville Colorado…true period Hawaiian and other Polynesian Island Antiquities can be quite valuable as they are very rare to have survived in their climate and very desirable to their collectors.

#3 is a great find, it is an original 1928 Lionel Toys Store Display…. are you ready for this…?

$16,000…. wow! The team at Lloyd Ralston Gallery in Shelton CT had to love that. This was approx. 5 ft long and 2 feet tall, essentially made of lithographed cardboard and would have been a toy store point of sale display.

Why $16,000? Well other than, toy collectors are nuts, only a very few of these survived. You have to remember, there were not a lot of toy stores in those days, so they didn’t make a lot of them. Then you had the Great Depression, and this was a big piece of cardboard, lord know what it could have been repurposed for and last, who would have thought to keep them. It just was not thought that these things would be collectible someday. If we only had a time machine.

#2 Three Chinese Ching Dynasty White Jade Pendants…small and assuming but at $18,000, always be on the lookout. Anders Auction in Brooklyn had a great sale and these three were definitely a highlight. Fine jades are quite sought after, and auctions are really the wild west when it comes to Chinese Antiquities and their realized prices. I just know it is fun to watch!

But are you ready for #1? It is MIKADO the MECHANICAL BANK by Kyser & Rex Co., circa 1886 and it brought $38,000 again at Bertoia Vineland NJ …when they have a sale, the kid in my always has to look.

Look but do not touch with these prices…they have represented some of the finest toy collections in the world and I believe I have featured them on the show several times now. Maybe they will have me d a live auction wraps up show after their next big toy sale…just sayin’….

Well…that was, Last Week at the auction!

Viewers Email

But wait, I cannot forget this weeks "viewer email"...

This week's question comes from Jay S of Corning NY (Not Jay z) but S

Jay asks, “Why do you say from around the globe and all your results seem US Based?"

Okay Jay…. Several reasons. Want the honest answers, plural.

1) I would butcher the pronunciations of the Auction House names, causing me great embarrassment and bringing shame on my family.

2) Currency Conversion…. total pain in the google calculator and

3) I have represented Canada on the Show, so I am just as good as Major League Baseballs “World Series” ….I miss Baseball! Anyway, Thanks Jay!

And thanks again everyone for reading, watching or just stalking and do not forget to email me at - where you too can be free to send me all of your questions.

I do try to get to them all ASAP and remember if you enjoy, Subscribe Below!

Until next week...or Last Week at the Auction!




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