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What is This? LIVE with Josh Levine

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hey there. I am so excited to tell you about my new, Live Streaming series. It’s called WHAT IS THIS? LIVE with Josh Levine. It’s a show about how I solve art, antique and collectible mystery pieces, sent to me by my clients. Throughout the show, I am going to share my process, some stories, tips and tricks & I just know it’s going to be fun.

Together, we are going to solve several mysteries. We are also going to be completely stumped. That's half the fun, the challenge. In the meantime, please, send me your stuff.....your mysteries, your stories. If I can squeeze them in to the show, or figure them out, I will. I know there is a lot of brain power out there too. I have a feeling, that together, we can solve all of them.

So, email and write, WHAT IS THIS in the subject. And let's figure out, WHAT IS THIS? LIVE ! Can you tell I am excited? It is my passion to solve the mysteries of stuff.

I will see you LIVE Thursday Nights on YouTube & Facebook 8PM EST 5PM PDT (6PM in Arizona)



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