What Does One Pay for a Krampus?

What does one pay for a Krampus?

Here we go. It is time for Last Week at the Auction. America’s Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the Globe. I am Josh Levine, your blog & vlog tour guide to the secondhand subculture. I love everything about it. Auctions, estate sales, yard sales, garage sales and thrift stores. You name it. There is a treasure hunt going on every day, but you got to know what to look for. I hope my updates do just that. I believe real auction results illustrate what is going on out there and therefore what to look for…You might just learn something new and make a few bucks from what you learn today.

Here’s this week’s list.

The Dog

#10 A Franz Bergman Vienna Cold Painted Bronze of an Irish Setter brought $1100 at Leland Little, only 11.5” long, this circa 1900 might just look like a little dog statue to most, but that’s $1000 plus right there. They are typical marked AUSTRIA.


#9 Red Eye Krampus with a Basket sold for $1500 at Bertoia. This creepy guy was 13.5” tall and most likely Eastern European. Vintage Christmas is hot and so is weird stuff. This is both!

That's a Vase...

#8 A Newcomb College landscape vase just brought $2000 at John Moran. Circa 1924 and only 6.5" tall, knowing your marks can come in really handy when looking at 20th Century Art Pottery.

That's a Girls Set

#7 A Pink Lionel Train Set just hammered for $3250 at Bertoia. Known as the “Girls Set”, this 1957 attempt by Lionel to be inclusive is now a collector’s little gem. Think Pink! Pink Trains…. Pink Panther, Pink Floyd…Pinky Tuscadaro.

For the Chicken?

#6 A Dutch Delft Tile Panel of a Rooster just sold for $3800 at Leland Little. The frame was 20-x15 and the tiles were most likely 18th Century. I always take a second look at tiles. It’s an Art Pottery too and there are some money hiding in those former back splashes.

Not Shaken, please...

#5 A James Bond 007 Pull Tab Beer Can just sold for $4700 at Morean Auctions. From the National Brewing Co. here in Phoenix, Arizona, these mid 60s cans are big with the collectors, and being a great cross collectible, there is no wonder.

Check Out the Silver...

#4 A suite of Antonio Pineda Silver and Obsidian Jewelry just realized $11,000 at John Moran. Yes, that is Mexican Silver mid century set and you need to pay attention. It’s all around and most do not know their Mexican makers marks. This would be a $200 set if it were just sold as Mexican Silver.

Disney Stock?

#3 Carl Barks “The Expert” Limited Edition Scrooge Mc Duck just sold for $17,000 at Heritage. This was a limited-edition bronze from a set of 25. When you have an opportunity to purchase one of these really low numbered offerings from Disney, it might just pay off.

The True Rookie !

#2 The 1984 Star Co. Michael Jordan #101 Rookie Card just scored $19,000 at Matthew Bullock’s. Known by collectors as the True Rookie Card, the Star Co. actually produced many of the NBA's all-time greats during the mid-1980s, pre-Fleer. They include Olajuwon, Barkley, Ewing and more. It’s a cool story to look up.

But here we go ago…

One Day, I will find you...

#1 The 11” Chinese "Dragons and Waves" Vase just sold for $1,900,000 at Freemans. Featuring some great provenance and truly museum quality, but note the estimate was 150-250k. I am sure everyone was pleased with what can only happen at auction.

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Until next week or....Last Week at the Auction!


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