Totally Terrifying Toys Two !

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

"Creepy & Coming to Get You"

Apparently, I found something you all love….Last week’s blog and YouTube Video, Totally Terrifying Toys – Dangerous or Ridiculous, was an international sensation….so, I just had to throw together a mediocre sequel. That’s just what you do. So here it is…. Totally Terrifying Toys Two, Creepy & Coming to Get You & I want bore you with a long lead in commercial about me or my blog or youtube channel, because I want to jump right in and you know the deal….please SUBSCRIBE….blah, blah….

I hope the 10 “carefully curated” & Totally Terrifying Toys visually message your cortex… a little bit of fun for some, guilty pleasure for others, and perhaps memory lane for you.

1979 Kenner ALIEN Action Figure

Number 10 on my list is the 1979 Kenner Xenomorph Action Figure. You know him as Ridley Scott’s loveable ALIEN and as anyone who saw the original movie knows, this was definitely was not for know, back when rate R, meant Rated R…apparently, back then, parents were too lazy to get up and deal with screams of their scared children’s nightmares, unlike today. But enter Kenner, they just wanted to follow up with their wildly successful Star Wars Toy Line, and he (or she) was from outer space. See the logic.

Sadly, the sales of this 18″ beast were incredibly poor, and after the stir of all the parental outrage, and pre-twitter mind you, Kenner had no choice but to pull the action figure from the shelves. And note, this is when you would write actual letters to a company about you outrage, grass roots style. With stamps and envelopes. Weird…So they must have really hated this toy. Today, mint in the box they can realize $500-$1000 on sites like eBay. My favorite function or feature? “His Evil Brains Glow in the Dark!”

1985 Bandai God Jesus Robot

Ninth on my list is a “typical” sort of….toy robot….& kept thinking when I saw this, it was just an unfortunate case of “lost in Translation”…& when he arrived packaged for the US Market, it’s box read 1985 Bandai God Jesus Robot….strange stuff like that used to happen back in the day with imported toys. The translation might have meant something else or there was simple confusion. Some of the older imported toy instruction manuals are great reads…,like mad libs, but when I saw it’s Cross “accessory”….i knew, he or she….