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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Here we go. It’s Last Week at the Auction. America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe as hand selected by me, Josh Levine, your blog post host and guide to the world of auctions.

But don’t be sad...I have got a great list for you this week and if you know me…you know I will only take few auction weeks off. But I will be tracking all the auction trends and the show will return with a vengeance. Further, I am developing another show and plan on bringing you new content every week as well.

Also, I had to make this a supersized edition, just to hold you over. So, without further ado, here’s what happened, LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION.

Only at an auction are you going to find this one of these.

#16 is a Continental, Bronze Mounted, Coconut Pig that sold for $400 at Alex Cooper, it is the gift you get for the person that has everything. People will pay for the unique and unusual, that is for sure and Porky Coco did not disappoint. That’s a 2020 kind of lot if I ever saw one.

#15 is a 1910 Hammond Multiplex Typewriter that hammered also for $400 only at Donley Auction, Early Examples of Typewrites are highly desired. Find examples that feature the “Non-Classic QWERTY” key layout, and you might have a real gem. Some can command several $1000.

#14 is a Shaving Mug named to Myron A. Fuller that sold for $500 also at Donley Auction. Known as an occupational mug, this gentleman was apparently a telegraph operator. The more unusual or now-defunct occupations are the mugs to keep an eye out for. These and other shaving collectibles have an underground following.

#13 is a Tom Turpin Stamped Wooden Duck Call that brought $625 at Heartland Artifact Auctions. Calls by the famed Memphis maker can fetch thousands depending on the desirability of the make and model. I bet that might be a new one for a lot of you pickers. Keep an eye, or ear out for turkey and duck calls.

#12 is the PIG BOY Carnival Side Show Freak Display that sold for $1300 at Tribal Gatherings. Circa 1930, this pleasantly disturbing circus or carnival sideshow Freak display of the "Pig Boy" was a prop used to bring in freak show customers. The Boy was advertised as a real baby though this prop was used for legal reasons. So, if you have a stuffed Bat Boy or Gator Girl in your attic, it might be time to sell it. Carnival Stuff is always in demand.

#11 is a 1982 Hulk Hogan Trading Card that brought $1800 at Alderfer. Known as his Rookie Card and publish be the Wrestling New Company, these less than 40-year-old cards are heating up. Who would have thought, but now you know so start digging thru your old toy box? You might have Ric, or Andre or The Hulk, and you just might have a few extra grand.

#10 A Buccellati sterling silver domino set just brought $2250 at John Moran. I am going to keep reminding you to watch out for the big names in Silver. This set was 25 oz of Silver of $600 worth at today’s $26.33 an ounce, but being Buccellati, rare and a classic game, it commanded a premium. Do just scrap your silver until you do your homework or ask an expert.

#9 is an 8” tall Minton Majolica Monkey Bamboo Vase that did $4000 at Alex Cooper. With its $500-700 pre auction estimate, I am sure both the seller and the auction house were thrilled. Majolica is still sought after but has been fairly flat the past few years but the rare examples still can bring it. Watch out for the Minton Marked stuff, they tend to be good, although there are several other makers to learn if you are interested in the genre.

#8 a Vintage Shrunken Head just sold for $4000 at Tribal Gatherings. Pig Boy now this ? They had a crazy weird sale. Anyway, the Amazonian Jivaro tribes practiced ritual head shrinking as a way to capture the power of their enemies and now the heads really capture the bids. And just so you know, most of these on the market today are facsimile heads. They are true period. Made from various leathers, human hair and were sold as actual heads to the early travelers in the Jungle, but most were duped. But a few real one’s are out there and extra gross.

Okay, we’ve talked about error coins and stamps but this one is currency.

#7 is an Error 1918 $1 Inverted Back $1 Note that sold for $4250 at One Great Deal. Known errors are highly sought after as these were quite rare as most were caught and destroyed prior to circulation. Even modern errors are valuable so always have a look at your money. With the way they are handing out for free these days, they may make a mistake when they print some of it. Just a thought.

#6 is a Victor III Disc Phonograph that sold for $4500 at Donley Auction. Note the Wood Horn. This is what make this one more rare and quite more valuable than the common Victors. Collectors love the wood horns. It was a feature only available on the deluxe models.

And speaking of wood, pencil wood.

At #5 an ANTIQUE DIXON MECHANICAL PENCIL SHARPENER just shaved of $5000 at Antique Arena….this CIRCA 1885 was a fine example and had it’s original box. These early examples are one of those things a lot of pickers don’t know about like early toasters, brass blade fans and tools. There’s always something new to learn in collectibles.

But this genre needs no introduction, the toy train.

#4 is a Prewar Lionel that just did $5250 at Toy Trains and Other Old Stuff. It was the SG Blue Comet 400E Steam locomotive and it’s beautiful tender. Trains as a genre have been somewhat flat over the years due to the baby boomers all seemingly selling their collections at the same time which had been flooding the market. Throw in a lighter demand from the Gen Xers and the Millennials and you can see why prices would be down. Economics 101, But, the good stuff. The Prewar and rare Variants are still holding their own and in fact, killing it, if you have the right ones.

#3 A Chinese Oxblood Bowl just did $8000 at Dumouchelles. It was small, only 6” in diameter but the color is quite desirable and it bore a Qianlong Seal that placed it in the 18th Century. Take a good look at the oxblood red color as it may be something to keep your eyes peeled for. It’s similar to the more modern flambe red which is also desirable.

And here’s one that might have a future upside by a relatively unknown artist, or unknown as an artist. #2 is The Money Tree, a drawing by Donald Trump that sold for $8500 at Leland Little. The seller originally purchased the Celebrity Doodle that was on a piece of 8.5 by 10.5 inch paper at a charity auction, but it was pre president so it might have been a good investment. Who knows if history will be kind to it’s future value but if you have followed the art and ephemera of other past presidents, I think the future looks bright.

And speaking of the French Revolution lets round out this supersized edition with something big money amazing.

#1 is a pair of Jean Royere Grand Oeuf or Egg Lounge Chairs that just sold for $140,000 at Wright…actually I think it was $175,000 with buyers premium. But what’s an extra $35K when you are spending $140K on 2 chairs, am I right. Basically, made of Oak and Fur and you’ve probably seen this style and design before, but these were the real deal. They bore the mark of his studio and had all their provenance.

Here’s what to know - Mid mod is still king, keep your paperwork, the original is best and knowledge is power.

Wow, that was a lot of show.

Thanks for watching and making last week at the auction, a huge success. In this, our first full year on YouTube, we gained 10,000+ subscribers & had over 1,000,000 views. So again, thank you ! If you new and enjoyed the show, before you go, Subscribe Below…I promise more great content to come in 2021. Make sure you check out all the wonderful auction houses I talked about on today’s and every show. Many thanks to the lucky odds out of San Antonio fame for allowing me use of their hit song Whiplash as a soundtrack…hope you boys are writing the theme song to Season 4 !

Until I see you again, or Last Week at the Auction!



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Anyway....that my update. If you ever need help an estate, just a free consult or a real estate agent. I would be thrilled to help you.

All my best!


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