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Updated: Jan 14

Here we go. It’s Last Week at the Auction. America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe as hand selected by me, Josh Levine, your blog post host and guide to the world of auctions.

But don’t be sad...I have got a great list for you this week and if you know me…you know I will only take few auction weeks off. But I will be tracking all the auction trends and the show will return with a vengeance. Further, I am developing another show and plan on bringing you new content every week as well.

Also, I had to make this a supersized edition, just to hold you over. So, without further ado, here’s what happened, LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION.

Only at an auction are you going to find this one of these.

#16 is a Continental, Bronze Mounted, Coconut Pig that sold for $400 at Alex Cooper, it is the gift you get for the person that has everything. People will pay for the unique and unusual, that is for sure and Porky Coco did not disappoint. That’s a 2020 kind of lot if I ever saw one.

#15 is a 1910 Hammond Multiplex Typewriter that hammered also for $400 only at Donley Auction, Early Examples of Typewrites are highly desired. Find examples that feature the “Non-Classic QWERTY” key layout, and you might have a real gem. Some can command several $1000.

#14 is a Shaving Mug named to Myron A. Fuller that sold for $500 also at Donley Auction. Known as an occupational mug, this gentleman was apparently a telegraph operator. The more unusual or now-defunct occupations are the mugs to keep an eye out for. These and other shaving collectibles have an underground following.