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Updated: Mar 11

Bet you have no idea where I am going with this post. Well, its about me. And if you know me, I tend to try to use humor to deflect somewhat serious situations. It is kind of an embarrassing and vulnerable piece, but so what...the world is upside down right now anyway. And everybody likes a comeback story, right? Well...I am trying to write one. After a catastrophic business failure, complete with all the public shame of bankruptcy, it's ongoing humiliation & embarrassment, I feel I am humbly qualified to share some truly amazing misadventures. I am learning there are great gifts in failure. And perhaps, if you look close enough, many blessings. Many of which have already helped others. I guess it's true, those who can't, teach...and it seems I have found something I am very good at. Canting? (I need to see if that word is trademarked.)

Anyway, as a failure, I want to be an advocate for my former industry, an example to its leaders, their potential clients and anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Once called a "pillar of the auction community" "an innovator and visionary" now....lets just say, several not so flattering adjectives...its really my unique laundry list of life experiences as an appraiser, auctioneer, professional musician, retail store owner, art researcher and curator of sorts that helped formulate my new found purpose. Toss in being raised by hoarders in a boarding kennel for my honorary psychology degree and you start to get the picture. Blessed with a rapidly growing YouTube Channel, my Blogging and Consulting, I have survived thus far and have found my new passion to reach & teach others. Thru these mediums I try to be entertainingly educational. Maybe a little quirky, but I always found people tend to remember lessons best that way. At least it has always worked for me that way. All of this is obviously not a get rich quick scheme. As any writer or content creator will tell you, it must be a true labor of love.

Many of you are privy to my families current struggles and have graciously reached out, asking how you can help. And for that, we have felt so blessed, and thankful. And my silence may have told you, I never knew how to answer that question. Typically I just went dark or acted like everything was okay. A skill I've been able to execute most of my life. Be it pride, embarrassment, ego, stupidity or just a crazed combination of all of them, I finally reached the point of not stressing about such things. And better yet, I figured out a way you can all help...most of which are completely free. This post will give you several options to help me continue on this path, plus let you know what I've been working on. It may just inspire you, to start something new, as well.

Before you check out, you are going to see, there has been a method to all of my madness. And before I forget, if anyone needs some Free SEO, Social Media or YouTube advice, email me....I am you guy. I've learned so much and if you've been following so far, with hardly anything to work with.