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The Josh Levine Speaks Bridal Registry

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Bet you have no idea where I am going with this post. Well, its about me. And if you know me, I tend to try to use humor to deflect somewhat serious situations. It is kind of an embarrassing and vulnerable piece, but so what...the world is upside down right now anyway. And everybody likes a comeback story, right? Well...I am trying to write one. After a catastrophic business failure, complete with all the public shame of bankruptcy, it's ongoing humiliation & embarrassment, I feel I am humbly qualified to share some truly amazing misadventures. I am learning there are great gifts in failure. And perhaps, if you look close enough, many blessings. Many of which have already helped others. I guess it's true, those who can't, teach...and it seems I have found something I am very good at. Canting? (I need to see if that word is trademarked.)

Anyway, as a failure, I want to be an advocate for my former industry, an example to its leaders, their potential clients and anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Once called a "pillar of the auction community" "an innovator and visionary" now....lets just say, several not so flattering adjectives...its really my unique laundry list of life experiences as an appraiser, auctioneer, professional musician, retail store owner, art researcher and curator of sorts that helped formulate my new found purpose. Toss in being raised by hoarders in a boarding kennel for my honorary psychology degree and you start to get the picture. Blessed with a rapidly growing YouTube Channel, my Blogging and Consulting, I have survived thus far and have found my new passion to reach & teach others. Thru these mediums I try to be entertainingly educational. Maybe a little quirky, but I always found people tend to remember lessons best that way. At least it has always worked for me that way. All of this is obviously not a get rich quick scheme. As any writer or content creator will tell you, it must be a true labor of love.

Many of you are privy to my families current struggles and have graciously reached out, asking how you can help. And for that, we have felt so blessed, and thankful. And my silence may have told you, I never knew how to answer that question. Typically I just went dark or acted like everything was okay. A skill I've been able to execute most of my life. Be it pride, embarrassment, ego, stupidity or just a crazed combination of all of them, I finally reached the point of not stressing about such things. And better yet, I figured out a way you can all help...most of which are completely free. This post will give you several options to help me continue on this path, plus let you know what I've been working on. It may just inspire you, to start something new, as well.

Before you check out, you are going to see, there has been a method to all of my madness. And before I forget, if anyone needs some Free SEO, Social Media or YouTube advice, email me....I am you guy. I've learned so much and if you've been following so far, with hardly anything to work with.

As you go thru my "Help Wanted" or the Josh Levine Speaks Bridal Registry, remember, if you would choose and do just one of these for me, it will change the game, and like I said...90% of these cost you ZERO. So feel free to do several...had to just put that out there.

No one is stopping you, and isn't helping someone find redemption for free the best!

Help Wanted

I think I will go in alphabetical order, and again...anything you can do is greatly appreciated, including and especially just sharing this post !



Follow Me on Amazon. What? And Why? I have my own AMAZON Store Front. What does that mean? Well, apparently all of my recent moving and shaking on Social Media has made me, what they call an Influencer. (Defined as someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.) So that makes me Gwyneth Paltow or a Kardashian...well, not quite. Not yet. I got the connections and the friend / fan base but I haven't influenced you to do anything....yet. So here goes.

Follow Me on Amazon ! Just got to my Link, My Store Home page and Click +FOLLOW right in the middle of the page.

Of Bookmark this page if you are an Amazon Hardcore user -

What does that do? Well first off its free. You already shop there but when you shop using my store, everything is the same but I might "influence you" and get send me your recommendations so I can build a store by and for you....for all of us. Based on all of our product reviews. Just think of it like you are coming to the store to see me. I told you this was going to be direct and honest. And yes, this is Zero Cost to you, almost Zero time and we can build an empire together. I'll explain more in my big picture plan later. Again, think of me as Justin Bieber.

So you probably already went to Amazon and did that for me, right....well I tried. They get easier for while.

Cost $0.00 - Unless you shop a lot on Amazon and just made an impulse buy and for that, I thank you.

My legal disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.


Blog - Josh Levine Speaks

Subscribe to my Blog. Just got to my blog page, straight down to the very bottom and SUBSCRIBE NOW. Simple right. Name, Phone and Email...that's it. Its all about analytics. You'll hear me say this a lot. I have been silently building a marketing empire. And 9,000 of you have already signed up. My goal is 50,000 by the end of September so I need all of you, plus a little "Sharing is caring."

Read a Post and leave a comment. Anything. You think I stink. Taco Bell is for Lovers....anything. Its what...all about traffic and analytics. And see the little hearts on my Blog Posts. Click those. Heart me. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling. I promise I am going to give you the dream, big picture in this post. I don't ask this all of you for nothing.

My Blog has 9,292 Subscribers as of today. My Goal 50,000 by September 30th, 2020.

Cost to you $0.00



Is my button up there big enough to get you to like it ? Like my Facebook Page. You can even share and suggest your friends to follow. They will thank you, or question your motives later. Of all my begging, this one is totally painless. I post exclusive content here and plan on doing a lot more soon. Live shows, contests and so much more.

I have 1,212 likes and 688 followers here as of this post. My Goal 5000 likes in 50 days !

Cost to you $0.00



I am Instagram challenged. I share Videos, My Dead Celebrity Endorsements and a Few Family pictures but I am learning. I will tackle this beast next. I'd love your tips. I do have close to 2000 followers whom I am sure I disappoint, as I am not giving them the goods yet, but...Follow now so you can say, you were one of the early followers.

I have 1,906 followers as of this post. My Goal is 5000 followers in 90 days !

Cost to you $0.00



I never understood the power of Pinterest. I always thought of it as, look at all the pretty pictures, but it's quite to driver of e-commerce today. It's perfect for the Estate Sale, Antique & Auction World yet, way under utilized. I get it. I didn't understand it until I was out of business and looking for ways to become an affiliate marketing machine.

This one is completely painless if you have an account. If you don't, its just the standard quick setup you would do for any site. Probably easier.

This one is for my friends and followers that like the pretty pictures I post from my shows, LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION, THE HISTORY OF STUFF and 13 RANDOM FACTS OF USELESS INFORMATION...but you may also find my Dead Celebrities that Follow Josh Levine Speaks, interesting ? I got big plans for that board soon. I am not telling that one yet.

But I will tell you 52 Pins (People) as of today have had 22,870 Views this month. Yes...



This is really what started my new adventure. I was lost, frustrated, broken and rudderless. My life was the auction business. It was all I knew. I was quite tempted to crawl in to a bottle and give up. But I knew that was not what my amazingly supportive rock of a wife and brand new baby girl deserved. I was not going to let them down and while unemployed and while a social pariah, I began to research, what to do next. How could I use my specialized skills and what I have learned, if not in the industry. I began to search and google. Along came YouTube. Turns out I love making videos, telling bad jokes and oversharing. I can't take all the credit, as early in my loser-dom, a few friends said, you need to do a Pod Cast. So its only natural, I thought...why not include big head on screen. I had no idea how to do any of it, which really shows, but one thing I know is, if I put my mind to something I enjoy, there no stopping me.

Help me here by Subscribing to my Channel. That's it. Costs you ZERO

I had 4,334 Subscribers as of this post. My Goal was 10,000 by August 30th, 2020.

UPDATE !!! We now have 11,682 as of this morning !

UPDATE 1-10-2021 !

Here's the amazing thing....I started this all October 8th, 2019....just 15 months ago.

I have posted 94 Videos, have over 1,100,000 Views and people have spent a total of 41,000 hours watched or streamed...that's mind boggling.

UPDATE 1-10-2021 !

Last Week at the Auction, my hit series has over 400,000 Views in 30 Episodes in under 12 months...and climbing.

Cost $0.00



This is the not free one....but ! Hold you like to support the Arts. Artists and Creatives. Your favorite Josh Levine Speaks writer? This is the place for you.

Patreon is a membership platform based in the United States that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or "patrons".

Be a Patron of Josh Levine Speaks, support the Video Making Process, Marketing & Channel Growth, Writing and when we hit our goals...we will pay it forward by supporting the next innovators.

Cost $3.00 (like you bought me a coffee) or

$9.00 (coffee and a sandwich) or

$25.00 (we went to the movies together and I forgot my wallet???)


So What is the Big Plan

Well, I'd be lying if I told you I knew exactly what the future holds but I will explain what I am going to do. First, I will to create amazing content for you. Fun stuff that's educational. I know there is something to learn in everything. Thru antiques and collectibles, you can learn a little history, psychology, sociology, & science. Don't believe me. Watch me.

To support my en-devours, its all about affiliate marketing. When you read or watch anything, the ads pay the bills. I never really understood this world. We all know the term "click bait" and click an ad and they make a few cents but it's an unbelievable revenue creature with insane possibilities. Like Amway, back in the day or Avon on Crack. I will do an Affiliate Marketing for dummies when I feel I am not still one of them, the dummy that is. I just know, if I knew about all of this 10 years ago, things would be a lot different but that is the adventure I guess.

But that's not the big plan...the Big Plan is to sell shows, space on shows and drive traffic to businesses that have not tapped this medium and do not have the time to do so. Let me give you an example. You have an auction house in Illinois and you just sold a Vase for $10,000. Great, but if you can get the word out internationally on the hottest Auction TV Show and be seen by 100,000s of viewers...would that not be worth a few bucks. Imagine the bragging rights in your town. Now imagine why that really matters. To your customers and a big future prospect. "Aren't you that auction house that was featured on...." Now imagine this service being available for every other type of business. Have you ever seen what happens to a Restaurant that's been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It changes the game for them. That's just one example. I know and will help Estate Sale Companies, Auction Houses, Mom and Pops of all kinds tap in to this. I already have. I want to and will help.

And for Karma sake, I will teach what I learn along the way. I introduce the next generation to Auctions, Estate Sales and the Secondary Market, I will be giving back to the industry I loved....raising the values for the sellers and doing my part to get the word out for you, the recyclers of the world. You don't get enough credit for the work you do and love too.

I cannot ever thank the people that have supported my family & I enough. These have been incredibly tough times, financially and emotionally. But to those of you that have been stead fast supporters, bless you. I will call you out someday. No need to embarrass you. You know who you are and I love you. You truly know my heart. I promise to continue to expand upon all of this in future postings. I cannot wait to share with you how this all works out and take you on new adventures.

And to boldly go, where no blogger has gone before...

Josh Levine Speaks

PS - Oh all these banners down below. These are just a taste of the companies I am an affiliates marketer for. All are potential commission revenue for Josh Levine Speaks. See what I mean. You might never look at a posting from anyone the same again. And remember, I told you not to make you more cynical but more supportive of my fellow writers, creators, promoters....and sleazy click bait masters.

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