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The Heavy Rule Applies...

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Last Week at the Auction

It’s that #lwata Blog Post Time of the week again and follow up to this week’s episode of Last Week at the Auction! America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe, as hand selected by me, Josh Levine, your host and guide to the world of Auctions. This episode has got a lot of teachable moments. It might be the most educational one yet.

This week has got it all…Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more. Why? Because I believe there is nothing is more interesting than The Auction World. You have crazy psychology, trivia, get to learn all about history thru stuff, different picker personalities, your classic hoarders….i mean every walk of life all rolled in to one, or in this case, a bunch of auction events. I believe every estate sale and auction could be a reality show. No joke.

If you feel the same way, Subscribe Below, leave a comment or 2 and please, share your ideas. I have all links down below to everything I discuss, all these great auctions houses, all my social media and contact information.

And remember… This all happened, Last Week at the Auction!

Metal Chicken

#10 in our count down…how about an Austrian Cold Painted Bronze Rooster…. unassuming at approx. 3” tall but it hammered for $275 @ DuMouchelles in Detroit. The reason I feature “Metal Chicken” its for you to take notice of these little figures and things around the estates.

The Austrians made many miniatures, typically depicting animals & people in the Early 20th Century. They are quite desirable. This was most likely $5 at a Garage Sale if someone did not notice “Made in Austria.”

I am big into the overlooked or the “only a select few know” mode this week with my finds. After all….it’s all about your education. And mine. I learn something every week too.

Hunk of Junk

I knew this one though….#9 Iron Wall Font, and this rusty hunk brought $475 @ Abells in LA. Some will call them a Fountain, etc, but Architectural Elements are one of those subculture “in the know things.”

This will be repurposed and might bring $1000 or more after restoration. But again, most of us would pass by this piece at an estate sale without a second glance.


The nuggets keep coming….#8 Is the Nakamichi 700 ZXL Computing Cassette Deck that sold for $800 @ Leland Little. If you are fan of the show you know I beat the Audiophile Drum. There is money in vintage electronics. Even some cassette decks. If you don’t know look it up. We used to use 2 rules… get ready to write these down.

The Heavy Rule…if its ghastly heavy, its generally worth money.

This worked for tube amps, record players, speakers and so on. It meant they were originally very expensive to make with massive transformers and there for the “high-end” in their day and most likely the one’s that retained their value or became vintage collectibles.

The next Rule….Never Heard of It. This one meant, if you never heard of it, or it wasn’t a household name, it meant it was super expensive because….the reason you never heard of it, is because you don’t know anyone that can afford it.

I can still hear the snarky way that was said to me by, lets say a “1%er” that I was assisting with an estate clean out years back. Snarky, but a valuable life lesson for a picker in the future.


Oh I got stories, but I must move on….#7 Signed Clark ABCG Ice Cream Tray sold for $1200 at Woody’s in Douglass KS….That’s a great price these days for American Brilliant Cut Glass, by the way, if you didn’t know that’s what the ABCG stood for it’s a great listing abbreviation or acronym to know as collectors search using keywords or in this case acronyms.

Maybe I will do a video on listing acronyms. I am telling you they are money.

Anyway, if you ever want to know antique glass prices, values and what to look for, follow Woody’s. I swear they are the bravest auction house in the land with all the glass they sell at auction.


#6 is a Neurenberger stamped bow with sterling mount that sold for $1600 Clars in Oakland. This might be my most educational episode yet and I am only at #6. I will have nothing to talk about the next few episodes….who am I kidding.

Why Bows…(not Bose speakers…) Violin Bows. I always look for a signature or makers mark on a bow when I look at an old violin. You may or may not have heard, but the bows can be much more valuable than the violin they are with.

Say it was a hand me down or replacement bow or upgrade years ago. They were a separate purchase and by separate makers back in the day. I have found $1000 bows with $50 violins. It’s a fact !

Finger Chopper

#5 This Early Edison 4 Blade Bipolar Electric Fan crushed it ! $4,250 @ Donley Auction in Union IL. I love that it’s Bipolar, I can relate to this fan. You know, before Atari & Intellivision, may favorite game was sticking pencils and fingers in these things. They just don’t make toys like they used too….

Okay seriously. We had these in the house, but my Dad knew back then, Vintage Brass Blade Fans are quite desirable and if you know what to look for, these old “Pankcake Motors” and the like, they can be big bucks. Again, know your models or just what to look for.

Sweet Face

This one Takes us in a new direction…..SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE…..#4 is a Marilyn Manson Untitled Watercolor that hammered for $5000 @ Rago in Lambertville NJ It was approx. 30 x 22.5 inches and would be excellent for a young child’s room.

Just kidding, but I wanted you to follow the trend here. Several well know Musicians and Actors take up art, even a few presidents…plus a dictator or two…anyway. Some actually go on to fetch solid auction prices and be good investments down the road.

I want to look 10 -15 years from now and see what a Manson is selling for. Just for an example, Paul Stanley of Kiss and Jim Carey works have shown some upside.

Marvel at the sight....

Alright, looks who back at #3 with a Marvel Comics X-Men No. 1 that brought $8000. Why its my buddy at Matthew Bullock Auctioneers in Ottawa Il…and yes, I mean, The Matt Bullock himself. CAI Grad and an one amazing Dad…he’s got an amazing Auction Season on tap. I am sure he’s going to have more hits for the show.

Coins !

And speaking of repeat offenders, One Great Deal Auctions in Meridian Idaho slides in at #2 with this 1889 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar that brought $13,000! Wow…This silver dollar was an amazing find. A rare, key date as only 350,000 were ever produced at the Carson City Mint and to be graded AU58 or Almost Uncirculated is almost unheard of. So $1 is $13,000….want more on why, watch my Pocket Change, The History of American Coins Video.

But enough about me…what’s #1


This 1971 (my birth year) Chevy Nova Yenko Clone crushed it !!! $34,000 at Leland Little.

A great build with a new 454 big block….yer classic Holley 780 carb, TCI three-speed automatic transmission and a 3:42 geared rearend....i have no idea what any of that means…..I just know it’s cool looking, I’d like to have it and someone gave it a lot of love and spent boo koo on parts !

But that’s the list….& now you know what happened, Last Week at the auction!

No rapid recap this week, as I rambled on way too much, but a few of you viewers said you want it back after I skipped it last week so….lets do take a poll.

You tell me and speaking of which…its time for this weeks "viewer email"...

This week's question comes from Bill Bo Baggin’s….I am guessing that is not his real name, but…I am game.

Bill Bo asks “Do you want some fries with your shake shake booty?”

Of course I do….

Well Bill Bo…that was the only question I got this week, so Thank You?

And thanks again everyone watching….seriously email me “real questions” at – or, just what ever…I am game either way.

& Remember if you enjoy the show, Subscribe Below! Give Me Thumbs Up and Leave Comment....that way I know we you like and want more of.

I truly hope you enjoyed today's episode. And do not forget to check out all the auction houses I talked about on today….they are right down there below.

Until next week...or Last Week at the Auction!




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Anyway....that my update. If you ever need help an estate, just a free consult or a real estate agent.

I would be thrilled to help you.

All my best!


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