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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Last Week at the Auction

It’s that #lwata Blog Post Time of the week again and follow up to this week’s episode of Last Week at the Auction! America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe, as hand selected by me, Josh Levine, your host and guide to the world of Auctions. This episode has got a lot of teachable moments. It might be the most educational one yet.

This week has got it all…Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more. Why? Because I believe there is nothing is more interesting than The Auction World. You have crazy psychology, trivia, get to learn all about history thru stuff, different picker personalities, your classic hoarders….i mean every walk of life all rolled in to one, or in this case, a bunch of auction events. I believe every estate sale and auction could be a reality show. No joke.

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And remember… This all happened, Last Week at the Auction!

Metal Chicken

#10 in our count down…how about an Austrian Cold Painted Bronze Rooster…. unassuming at approx. 3” tall but it hammered for $275 @ DuMouchelles in Detroit. The reason I feature “Metal Chicken” its for you to take notice of these little figures and things around the estates.

The Austrians made many miniatures, typically depicting animals & people in the Early 20th Century. They are quite desirable. This was most likely $5 at a Garage Sale if someone did not notice “Made in Austria.”

I am big into the overlooked or the “only a select few know” mode this week with my finds. After all….it’s all about your education. And mine. I learn something every week too.