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Some Tips are Spooky !

Here we go….it's time again for Last Week at the Auction, The Blog Post Version of America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe. These are all hand selected by me Josh Levine, you host and guide to the world of auctions. This is Episode 9 of Season 2....and continues to The Hottest You Tube Series and Social Media Sensation in the world….

Okay, the auction world.

And it is the best parts…. it is the answer to everyone’s questions after an auction. What did that sell for? And why? So, in other words…. Emmy Award winning television.

And Yes...I have got another great post for you today. I hope you find these entertainingly educational.

As always, 10 Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more. I am telling you, nothing is more interesting than The Auction World. Not even the Tiger King. Actually, the Auction World is a lot like Tiger King.

So, before you go Subscribe Below, leave a Comment, and please share. Because sharing is caring. And make sure you check out all the auction house links below. Its where I learn all this information & I do not type them for my health…. but for my love of you.

And do not forget, WHY DON’T YOU WANT MY STUFF was just released on Audio Book…so you can learn a ton of nuggets for under $5…hands free and eyes free….just ears.

Alright….Let’s get on with it…. it is LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION.

Lets start off spooky….

It's Spooky !

#10 is a great group of Vintage Halloween Items that brought $325 @ Bertoia in Vineland NJ…it was a pair of Noisemakers, an accordion witch and fold-out ghost toy…I wanted to show you Vintage Halloween now….way before the season so you know. This stuff can be big money. 1960s and earlier, die cuts, tin toys, noisemakers, motionettes, etc.…all have quite the cult following.

Pun intended. But seriously, Halloween Collectors are serious bidders and buyers. Keep your eyes peeled for this stuff. Holiday Collectibles are often tossed by families cleaning out Grandmas, thinking it’s junk. I do not want you to throw out $325 because you do not know….

The Bronze Age

And lets keep is spooky….#9 is a Marvel Comics Werewolf By Night Comic Book that brought $1000 at Mathew Bullock Ottawa Il – It was No. 32 and the 1st Appearance of Moon Knight... 1975 so considered Bronze Age it was a $.25 comic and ungraded.

I point this one out for a few reasons. To alert you to the price of a .25 comic, not a classic super hero nor a #1 but an origin also, of a lesser known character, but see the $1000 ! And ungraded….this market is heating up. I am smelling something…. I smell a great time to sell.

What Is The Thing?

Okay #8 A James Waring Carpenter Bullet Magazine Rack brought $1,600 @ Cottone in Geneseo NY and with their $200-400 for the 21”13”8” freaky futuristic thing….I am sure they were just as surprised as me.

I do not think I would have known what it was or any idea who created prior to this auction result, but I will not forget now. See how we together learn something every week.

This modernist Art Deco magazine rack was designed by Carpenter for the McKay Company in the 1930s. I just love it as a funky deco sculpture and do not know if I would put magazines in it. Wow.

Porcelain Promise?

Okay #7 a Royal Doulton Sung Statue just brought $4,250 @ Alderfer…that’s killer porcelain figure money. And again, I wonder I they are coming back a little bit, people with figurine collection might want to be taking note….this Signed Frederick Moore statue depicted a young boy riding a seahorse (as they do) and was only 8.5"h tall.

Frederick Moore is one of those Deco Era Designers to look for when hunting Doulton Wares. A name to put in your memory bank.

How about another name…. George Jensen (Yeah….I think George Jetsen too.)

More than it's sum of it's parts...

Well #6 is a Georg Jensen Silver Flatware Service in the classic Acorn Pattern that brought $5500 at Hindman’s Atlanta Location….the set was a service for 18 with 195 pcs total… but the story here is knowing the name….you see, it was about 221 Oz of silver so, $3300 in silver value...and meaning what most buyers would pay for it, but Jensen, like Tiffany, Buccellati and other Rare Patterns by more common Makers can bring 2 and 3 times the silver value so make sure you know or ask before you sell !

This next one is a subject or Genre I do not think I have covered before so I might have 2 for you in this episode to beat it home.


#5 Is a Classic DAVID KLEIN designer NEW YORK - FLY TWA Travel Poster that brought $7000 at Swann Auction Gallery….yes, I said Poster…this c.1956 Travel Poster measures approx. 40x25 and was in very nice shape for its age. Travel Posters are definitely a sleeper and something you may not have known or look for. They are out there and now heavily reproduced for their iconic look. Mid mod designers and contemporary decorators love them. Keep looking in those closets, attics, yard sales and thrift stores…thank me later. I accept tips.

When Doves Cry

Well….we are going to get a little crazy now….Lets Go Crazy, Shall we….#4 Prince's Purple Rain Tour and Studio-Used Yamaha DX7 that brought $58,958 @ RR Auctions in Boston - Prince was an early user of the now classic DX7….think of it as the Strat or Les Paul of Keyboards…. and its funky tones are notable all over the Purple Rain soundtrack.

This particular DX7 was the only one Prince ever owned and had his handwriting all over it. I do think this example teaches two things.

First, Look up vintage keyboards and synthesizers. These were super popular in the 80s and 90s and some are worth a lot. This model if it was not Prince’s is about $600 on eBay, so you find one at a yard sale, it is like finding a good vintage guitar…. but second, it shows us Provenance Matters…

Always ask, who owned something…even a small detail could add a lot of value!

Blue Dog

#3 George Rodrigue and a Classic Blue Dog Oil of his, just sold for $90,000 at Heritage…that’s Big Money! It was circa 1996 and even heritage had to be surprised as they had a 12-18k estimate on it…It was only 14x11, but this artists’ demand just keeps growing and growing. Just in my time selling art at auction, he is one of those iconic artists and with his blue dog images…. Easily stood out in my mind and to follow. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s not a consistent 6 and 7 figure artists within my life time. So maybe a good investment.

The Blue Dog was used by both by Absolut Vodka and Xerox in marketing and you can’t miss his work and inspiration when touring New Orleans. George was Louisiana and much celebrated.

Be On the Look Out !

Okay, I promised more posters so, here we go. #2 a CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) PHILIPPOSSIAN Automobiles Poster that sold for $110,000 at Swann Auction Galleries in New York…it was circa 1920 and super rare…. A True Art Deco Era beauty. There was only one other known, to have ever come up for auction….so that is rare in the poster world. But again…. I tell you, Travel Posters. Pay Attention to them.

So what am I going to finish up with….how about some big money art. I do not do a lot of Paintings on my show as you may notice….the crazy results are low hanging fruit and not very educational…also the art world is a strange world and can break you soul. That will be its own show one day, but...

It's a Mad World

#1 is a Keith Haring Acrylic that brought $650,000 @ Palm Beach Modern Auction in West Palm Beach Florida…a true mixed media, executed in Gold Paint Marker on Red Plexi... It was Approx. 31.5 x 39.5 inches…Circa 1983 and will be included in the forthcoming catalogue of the complete works of Keith Haring…you see that is the thing here.

If you find a piece you believe, hell you know….to be the real deal by a big name, especially in the NY Art World…if you can’t get it looked at, blessed and accepted by the artists’ estate foundation, as many have disbanded or sworn off authentication all together…. nothing else matters….not DNA, Forensics, Affidavits, etc. Don’t believe me….look it up.

You see, you may have found a winning lottery ticket, but that office is closed.

Plenty of People will charge you lots of fees and “say they can” authenticate…or give you their fancy but worthless opinion, with all the disclaimers, because in this litigious world we live in, no one will buy on faith, their own opinion or for their love of the work….just what they are told is real by the art gods….sound personal….oh it is !

Wow…. that was a heavy post ending…. Last Week at the auction !

And its time for VIEWER EMAIL….

This week's question comes from Anthony K from Chandler AZ

Anthony asks, “What’s the biggest surprise you ever found in a box lot?”

Love that question….I have tons of stories but the first one that pops to mind…. is an auctioneer shouting and begging me to buy a box lot from across the room. He said or screamed hey Game Boy over the mike (a name I was referred to by auctioneers in PA as I bought a ton of vintage board games and video games at auction to flip on eBay)…anyway….begged me to buy it for $1 and said he’s throw in some fishing boots.

It was a box of dice, papers, game parts and pieces….I just carried it out and didn’t give it much thought, but when I got home….I discovered it was super rare and had early versions of Dungeons and Dragons, with rare parts and pieces. Let us just say it was an obscene profit margin for me at the time….and from then on, I wore the moniker of Gameboy Proudly….and there was a large tip to the auctioneer.

Thanks again everyone for your great questions and remember….you can always email me at I get wildly famous or a real job, I’ll answer it right away.

And remember….if you like my stories, buy or have a free listen to my new audiobook release….Why Don’t You Want My Stuff….link is below.

So, before you leave Subscribe Below…if Free! Give Me Thumbs Up and Post a Comment or Question.... I hope you enjoyed today's episode, check out all the great auction houses I talked about today’s show and give my book a free listen.

Until next week...or Last Week at the Auction!





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All my best!


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