Some Tips are Spooky !

Here we go….it's time again for Last Week at the Auction, The Blog Post Version of America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe. These are all hand selected by me Josh Levine, you host and guide to the world of auctions. This is Episode 9 of Season 2....and continues to The Hottest You Tube Series and Social Media Sensation in the world….

Okay, the auction world.

And it is the best parts…. it is the answer to everyone’s questions after an auction. What did that sell for? And why? So, in other words…. Emmy Award winning television.

And Yes...I have got another great post for you today. I hope you find these entertainingly educational.

As always, 10 Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more. I am telling you, nothing is more interesting than The Auction World. Not even the Tiger King. Actually, the Auction World is a lot like Tiger King.

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Alright….Let’s get on with it…. it is LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION.

Lets start off spooky….

It's Spooky !

#10 is a great group of Vintage Halloween Items that brought $325 @ Bertoia in Vineland NJ…it was a pair of Noisemakers, an accordion witch and fold-out ghost toy…I wanted to show you Vintage Halloween now….way before the season so you know. This stuff can be big money. 1960s and earlier, die cuts, tin toys, noisemakers, motionettes, etc.…all have quite the cult following.

Pun intended. But seriously, Halloween Collectors are serious bidders and buyers. Keep your eyes peeled for this stuff. Holiday Collectibles are often tossed by families cleaning out Grandmas, thinking it’s junk. I do not want you to throw out $325 because you do not know….