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"Secret" Help for Small Business

First's not supposed to be a secret but sometimes, "things happen." This is a PSA of sorts. Basically, if you or anyone you know, owns a business that has employees, I don't want them to miss out on this "little known" BIG deal. It's like Free Money. It is called the Employee Retention Credit and it's almost as if nobody knows about it. If you or someone you know owns a business with employees you should see if you qualify. If you need help, I have an expert I can refer.

Your CPA may not know about it or think you qualify. It's not their fault. might be. I know of several people that were told they didn't qualify that did. Anyway, this is not...I repeat, selling anything. SHOCKER ! Although, I'll accept likes and shares. I like to think I am paying it forward.

I am sharing this with you on my blog, personal Facebook page, and my YouTube channel. I just had to tell to you...or your friends or your boss. Hey, look super cool to your boss....have them email, text or message me for details. The guy who told me about it has found over $8m "free dollars" for the small business owners he consults, already. It pays to listen. Again, this may mean nothing to you, but to a struggling business owner with a lot of employees this could mean, lets just say, a lot of money!'s out there.

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