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Musicals are Stupid

Updated: May 23, 2020

I do not know if I have ever properly thanked you. Thank you for following my posts, YouTube videos and updates. I really started focusing on creating content in October. First with home YouTube videos and then writing posts this past February. It seems to be really taking off. Subscribers, followers, new YouTube friends and some hate mail, so I have really arrived now! I am working on a few big projects so my blogs have been weak at best, as of late, or TRIVIAL and that what you are getting today….more Useless Trivia, but I swear I am up to something big.

I’ll update you soon, but I have to share something with you today so why not, 13 More Totally Random Useless Facts of Knowledge, with bad jokes. And as always, I must issue this disclaimer. I believe everything I am about to say is true, but it may not be...but I thinks so... so here they are!

#1 German Chocolate Cake is named after an American baker by the name of Samuel German. Taco Bell is not mentioned in the bible.

#2 The first movie ever, to release a motion-picture soundtrack was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Musicals are stupid. Just kidding. Just seeing if you are paying attention, but don’t you hate when they hide the fact that a movie is a musical. You go to see a movie about PT Barnum, and you realize 10 minutes in, hey, Hugh Jackman won’t stop singing….is this a musical? And pow. It hits you. You were conned. Then you keep watching and you start crying at the end and realize…. You are crying at a musical and someone might find out. That could happen. Okay…. next.

#3 The National Animal of Scotland is The Unicorn. My spirit Animal is a Portuguese Water Dog.

#4 Who is Forrest Mars & Bruce Murrie and why do I know them? You know their candy.... They are the M&M Guys. Fun Fact…Forrest was the Son on the Mars Candy Company Founder and Bruce was the son of the founder of Hershey. Quite the collaboration. It would be like The Son of Coke and the Son Pepsi making Mr. Pibb.

#5 If Facebook was a country, it would have 1 billion more people than China. That’s nuts, but if Mc Donald’s Burgers were people...everyone in the world today would have eaten 39 of them. Burger People? Crazy math.... I mean there is 7.7 billion people in the world and Mc Dees has made over 300 Billion Burgers. I’ll quit now.

#6 A Blue Whales Heartbeat can be heard for 2 miles. In fact, it's about the size of a Piano...and being the world's largest animal, it's heart actually weighs about 400 pounds.

#7 The Northern cardinal is the most popular state bird...Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia all picked it as their favorite species. Very original.

#8 A $1 bill costs 5 cents to make...According to the Federal Reserve, each buck lasts about six years, and there is about $1.79 trillion in total U.S. currency in circulation right now...makes our national debt look a little monumental. Sorry…that wasn’t funny at all. More sobering. This one’s fun.

#9 Frank Lloyd Wright's son invented Lincoln Logs! It’s true, the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, designed by his father, inspired John Lloyd Wright to produce the interlocking log beams, obviously on a much smaller scale for kids.

#10 If you drive south from Detroit, you will hit Canada. I had to look at a map. Also, true!

#11 A single strand of Spaghetti is called a “Spaghetto.” A single puppet maker who talks to dolls is a “Geppetto.”

#12 A baby puffin is called a "puffling." I call my daughter Princess Lila von Maesilthorpe, Lord of Snicklefritz, keeper of the Dragon Copernicus.

#13 If you translate “Jesus” from Hebrew to English, the correct translation is “Joshua.” The name “Jesus” comes from translating the name from Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin, to English. Don't get me on the Mary, Marion thing...things happen, “Lost in Translation.”

There you promised, I gave you 13 (if not more) Totally Random Useless Facts of Knowledge...please like, click subscribe and place your comments below. And also, please feel free to share some of your strange facts please!

Until next time!


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