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I Wanted to Know The Why?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The Real World's Guide to Downsizing and "The Truth"

Have you ever had to move quickly, downsize, help a friend or family member with an estate? How about have a yard-sale or deal with your parents or grandparents stuff? Did you already say "no" to mom when she wanted you to take home all of your great grandmothers china? You are not alone. I was surprised to learn there was no book that dealt with all of this. At least they way I would have. Sure, there was Suzy Orman & Marie Kondo's out there, but they dealt with the "How tos." I wanted to know the why's.

I wanted a real world guide to downsizing and the psychology. I decided to write an easy-to-understand guide for everyone from all sides of this downsizing equation. Including all facets of the secondary market. Online retailing, auctions, and estate sales. So I began to gather insight. I would spend the next few months really asking questions. Questions of the sellers, their relatives, and the buyers of the stuff. I am always trend forecasting, learning new appraisal techniques and buying tips, so I had to throw those in too.

Collectors and Resellers

For you Collectors and Resellers, I wanted to share my experiences as an appraiser and auctioneer. Play Nostradamus and try to project market trends, share war stories, and give you tips on online retailing.


For the Boomers, I wanted you to stop asking your kids why they don't want your stuff, and answer the question for you. I hope this book reveals some of the psychology behind their disinterest and even resentment of your items. What? Sounds harsh but I think you will be enlightened and unburdened. And maybe, it will open up an amazing dialog. You see, your kids...the gen-Xers and millennials, just do not view your treasures like you do. Its not their fault or yours.


For you and me, Gen-Xers....we are caught between a rock and a hard place. But don’t worry, I’ll break the news to your parents about their collections. As for you, I will explain the trouble of trying to sell all of your parent's and relative's items that you don't want and where to go from there (hint: Think of all the people who also don't want their parent's stuff).


Millennials - Yup, there’s even some knowledge for you in here. You escaped inheriting some beanie babies and VHS tapes from your parents, so what do you do with all of that space? First off, pass on the minimalist trend. Then, think about the possibilities.


You know how bell bottoms are back in? Soon, so will these trinkets, furniture styles, and fad pieces like Pokemon. Get ahead of your peers and start collecting now. I truly believe it will be the best investment you can make. Hopefully I will peak a passion for you and shed some light on what's hot and what's not...and what will be !

From any perspective, I know you will finish with an understanding of the generational disconnect. Sounds kind of "heady" but trust me, it's not. I am fairly plain speaking and totally a dork. People seem to be liking it ! I am so excited...have a look.

I have it now available in every format for you...

"Old School" Paperback, Kindle, USED for the recyclers and as of Yesterday....on Audible Audiobooks !

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