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Harry Potter & The Bumblebee Bats ?

Updated: May 23, 2020

May I share more Totally Random & Completely Useless Facts of Knowledge with you? I just must get all of these off my chest so I can get on to writing something of substance. I am almost done with these (for a while) I swear! The burden is real. So on with it, you say? First, I must issue this disclaimer. I believe everything I am about to right is true, but it may not be...but I thinks so... so here they are, including perky commentary.

#1 Your cellphone is gross! It is a fact that the average cellphone carries more bacteria than a public restroom's toilet handle. And I think that includes Interstate Truck Stops! Yuck....

#2 The Termite is the longest living Insect. Scientists estimate THE QUEEN Termite can live almost 100 years. Does that bug as much as it does me?

#3 Dogs Can Smell Cancer. Canine Researchers have found that dogs can hone in on the specific scent that cancer produces.

They also like Beggin Strips.

#4 The Lego Company makes more tires than any other manufacturer in the world. Sure they are tiny, but they make an average of 306 million a year.

Egg-O makes round waffles...just sayin'

#5 May 29th is PUT A PILLOW ON YOUR FRIDGE is supposed to bring you wealth and luck. I think it would bring me a dust allergy attack the next day.

I have no idea what lives up there....

#6 The Term "Deadline" comes from the Civil War. A Prisoner would be told to draw a circle around themselves in the dirt. This was now their safe zone and it was then understood if they should step over this "deadline"...the guards would illustrate its meaning.

#7 The least financially successful of the 7 Harry Potter films made $90 million more than the most successful of the 5 Twilight movies.

That is a fact but Why? Because all Twilight movies are terrible.

#8 The worlds smallest mammal is the Bubble Bee Bat. They weigh only two grams and are less than an inch and a half long.

#9 In 2013, scientists grew a human tooth from scratch, using urine stem cells. How does that happen? I got a great idea. We are going to make teeth from pee pee.

#10 A Hare is born with fur and can see. A Rabbit is born naked and blind. So now you know.

#11 ALMOST is the longest English Word with all its letters in alphabetical order. You almost care.... #12 Guess the country that performs the most gender reassignment surgeries in the world.

Iran. Look that up. It is true but not about being progressive. Yikes...

#13 The word quarantine is of venetian / Italian origin and means 40 days.

Its hails from the dark ages & the 14th century black plague. When rat infested ships arrived into port, the occupants would be told to stay anchored off shore, for 40 nature could run its course. Oh, how far we have come.

Anyway, there you promised, I gave you 13 (if not more) Totally Random Useless Facts of Knowledge...

Please feel free to share some of your strange facts with me.... all my contacts and social media links are below. Until next time my friends!


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