Harry Potter & The Bumblebee Bats ?

Updated: May 23, 2020

May I share more Totally Random & Completely Useless Facts of Knowledge with you? I just must get all of these off my chest so I can get on to writing something of substance. I am almost done with these (for a while) I swear! The burden is real. So on with it, you say? First, I must issue this disclaimer. I believe everything I am about to right is true, but it may not be...but I thinks so... so here they are, including perky commentary.

#1 Your cellphone is gross! It is a fact that the average cellphone carries more bacteria than a public restroom's toilet handle. And I think that includes Interstate Truck Stops! Yuck....

#2 The Termite is the longest living Insect. Scientists estimate THE QUEEN Termite can live almost 100 years. Does that bug as much as it does me?

#3 Dogs Can Smell Cancer. Canine Researchers have found that dogs can hone in on the specific scent that cancer produces.

They also like Beggin Strips.

#4 The Lego Company makes more tires than any other manufacturer in the world. Sure they are tiny, but they make an average of 306 million a year.

Egg-O makes round waffles...just sayin'

#5 May 29th is PUT A PILLOW ON YOUR FRIDGE DAY...it is supposed to bring you wealth and luck. I think it would bring me a dust allergy attack the next day.

I have no idea what lives up there....

#6 The Term "Deadline" comes from the Civil War. A Prisoner would be told to draw a circle around themselves in the dirt. This was now their safe zone and it was then understood if they should step over this "deadline"...the guards would illustrate its meaning.