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Good & Plenty?

Updated: May 23, 2020

Can you possibly think of a better way to spend your Tuesday? You most likely can. But while you’re waiting for someone to release the pause button on our American Dream, why not enjoy some Totally Random & Useless Facts of Knowledge. That’s right, I am here for you...and as always... I must issue the following disclaimer. I believe everything I am about to type is true, but it may not be...but I thinks so... so here they are…. with some light editorial commentary.

#1 In the 18th Century Tornados were called a "twirl blasts"...I think that’s a darned good name and should make a comeback! Or whipper whirl?

#2 Women are attracted to the scent of Good & Plenty Candy and fact, a recent study had these two as the most attractive scents to most women...Also ranking high, banana nut bread. Turn offs were Cherries and Barbecue. BBQ!!! BBQ!!! Next you “science people” will try to tell me that the ladies don’t like the smell of a Dorito stained tank top.

#3 In the 1870s Cats Delivered Mail in Belgium. Okay...let me clarify, in the city of Liège, Belgium, they attempted to employ some 30 plus cats as mail carriers.. Did they eat the carrier pigeons or something? Anyway, letters were placed into little bags that cats would deliver but....the cats weren't particularly reliable & the service was retired quickly. Can you imagine...”Cats got you mail.”

#4 Someone accidentally dropped a nuclear bomb on South Carolina in 1958. It's true, a B47 bomber was traveling to UK when the crew notice a fault light, upon checking it out the crew member accidentally released the bomb. Thank god one of the parts needed for it to be active was still on the plane so it did not explode. What kind of Cover Up or Conspiracy Theories would have come out of that? Here's mine !

#5 We have all been pronouncing Dr Seuss's name wrong...all these years. Its (SOICE) like voice....and even further, that was his mother’s maiden name...Dr SOICE was born Theodor Seuss Geisel....Dr Geisel or geezel? Made socks with a sneezle....

#6 They still find over 2,000 tons of un-exploded bombs in German every year. That’s crazy but you have to remember, the allied forces dropped 2.7 million tons of bombs on Germany during WWII...and its estimated 10% were defective and did not explode with timer issues.

#7 Shaq only ever made 1 three pointer in his entire career....and that’s with 28,596 career points. I believe he had 22 attempts. I believe that is a 4.54% Shooting Percentage. Like me in PIG or HORSE.

#8 The original Star Wars had a $8m budget and went on to make $775m...George Lucas went on to Sell Lucas films a few years ago for $4 Billion. Not bad for a film that 20th Century Fox did not want to make a predicted it to be a huge flop. Here’s a good place to plug my Star Wars Action Figure Toys Video!

#9 Greenland Sharks can live up to 500 years. In fact, one caught recently was found to be 512 years old. Make sure you read more about these bizarrely interesting creatures. Like they can dive to depths of over 7000 feet, their flesh is poisonous, and they love the coldest water they can find. And they are hideous to look at!

#10 Rolls-Royce made the most expensive "brand new" car in the world. The one-off custom ordered Sweptail sold for $13 million. I wonder would the Uber Rate is for that one?

#11 Many 16th & 17th Century Europeans were Cannibals? Kind of…. due to a medical craze that had them believing Egyptian Mummies had magical curative properties, they began grinding up all the Mummies they could find and placing them in natural remedies. Mummy for your Tummy ?

#12 Australia is larger in diameter than Pluto. Almost two times. Pluto measures 2,370 km across, compared to Australia's 4,000-km diameter. But why is it every time I hear something new about Pluto, it is getting picked on. It’s a planet, it’s not a planet...its small...its goofy.

#13 In a popular Welsh Legend, Fairies ride on the Backs of Corgis in to battle....and you do not want to fight no fairies...I watched True Blood...but sounds like Pixar should pick that story up. You see there are 2 warring fairy tribes, the Tywyth Teg, and the Gwyllion. They would also use Corgi Dogs for everything.

Okay, I am done...& as promised, I bestowed up your synapses, Totally Random & Completely Useless Facts of Knowledge...and for that, I apologize. But's you link to BUY GOOD & PLENTY Candy!

Until next time !


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