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Fun facts and Foolishness !

Updated: May 23, 2020

You want more facts and foolishness? You have come to the right blog. I promise to get back to the tales of the antique, estate appraisal and collectible world, shortly. But for now, here is a smattering of random useless facts and trivia to impress your friends. Feel free to care and share! So...and as always... I must issue this disclaimer. I believe everything I am about to say is true, but it may not be...but I thinks so... so here they are...

#1 Polar bears are almost completely undetectable by infrared cameras! You see, thermal cameras work by detecting the heat lost by an object as infrared. Polar bears, after years of evolution, have become amazing at conserving heat. The heat is retained underneath a thick layer of blubber beneath their skin. Throw on a fur coat and they become almost impossible to detect. Just like the Predator Monster.

#2 About 60 million years ago, give or take an Epoch....Giant penguins, about the size of adult humans waddled around The Antarctic & New Zealand. That’s some big Happy Feet.

#3 Time Travel is Possible! Two physicists developed the mathematical model based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. It was proven in 2015. Now, all that holding us back is the technology that can physically bend the space-time fabric. But I am working on it.

#4 Bees understand the concept of zero. Scientists, while training bees to count shapes, found they could count to 4 and further, discovered their concept of Zero. Sounds to me like they were working with the Bee played by Jerry Seinfeld in the movie...

#5 Harvard Scientists have figured out how to store GIF animations in the DNA of bacteria. And I am sure there is an amazing reason for them wanting to do this...

#6 A teaspoonful of water has 8X the atoms as there are teaspoonfuls of water in the entire Atlantic Ocean. Wrap you head around that!

#7 Einstein and Darwin both married their first cousins. Einstein, I get. He had no time for going out and finding someone with all that science stuff to do...but Darwin should have known better. Or maybe his theory had not yet, "evolved..."

#8 Arabic Numerals are not actually Arabic but Hindi. (from India) Originating in the 6th or 7th century, European scholars studying Middle Eastern mathematicians, adopted this system.

#9 Octopuses have nine brains, three hearts and blue blood...The part of that I am not sure about is.... octopuses or octopi....

#10 A lion in the wild, usually makes no more than 20 kills a year. Talk about efficiency. I am sure I go to the grocery store like 5x more times than that. The fact is, a single lion kills only about 15 large animals each year, more often eating the dead it stumbles upon, as well as kills made by other creatures. Who is going to tell them no, you cannot have that? BAD KITTY! Carole Baskin can’t be everywhere.

#11 Baby Robins, on average, eat 14 feet of Earthworms a day. A Robin's Mom must be terrifying to all of those trying to live peacefully in a worm village, like the Dragon Smog or something.

#12 A snail can sleep for 3 years. They have adapted a process of going dormant during excessively cold, hot, or even dry periods. So, look really close if you are having the escargot. They might just be sleeping!

#13 I pick on squirrels often, for no other reason than there is a lot of crazy Squirrel trivia out there. But there is 1 good squirrel thing. Squirrels do not spread the rabies virus to house cats or humans...which is funny to me because I rescued one once from a cat, he was super friendly, tame even and I was told, you have to let that thing go or it will give you rabies. Apparently, they can but it super, super rare. But I did find out they can give you typhus, the plague, and there is that.

Okay, that’s enough. A writer knows, you always end on ringworm. I hope you enjoyed, will share and leave me some feedback. I want to hear your strange facts too. Strictly for plagiaristic purposes. All my contacts and social media links are below.

Until next post, my friends!


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