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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Here we go again….it’s Last Week at the Auction...America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe as hand selected by me Josh Levine, your blog host and guide to the world of auctions. This is Episode 8 of Season 2....and The Hottest You Tube Series and Social Media Sensation in the world, okay, the auction world. So if all this reading hurts your eyes....have a watch today.

It's like you took a 49 year old unemployed auctioneer, nailed a green sheet to a wall…gave him a cell phone, some internet access and called it good...sounds like the stuff of legend and Emmy Award winning television ---- right?

And Yes and its all true and I got a great stuff for you!

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Continuing Your Audiophile Education

#10 The Sansui G-8000 Stereo Receiver that hammered for $1400 @ Leland Little in beautiful North Carolina. If you are a fan of the show…you might be getting sick of the Audiophile Education, but when you make your first score at your next Yard Sale or Estate Sale, you’ll love me again.

Learn Vintage Electronics. It’s a sleeper sub culture, with lots of demand and not a lot of people in the know. And this week, I got an idea. Planting Ear Worms. I always remember jingles and rhymes so maybe this one will help you….

”When talking to boomers, ask in they have tube amps and tuners.” I want you to make some money people. Okay….here’s another of my money making lessons.