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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Here we go again….it’s Last Week at the Auction...America's Favorite Top 10 List of Auction Results from around the globe as hand selected by me Josh Levine, your blog host and guide to the world of auctions. This is Episode 8 of Season 2....and The Hottest You Tube Series and Social Media Sensation in the world, okay, the auction world. So if all this reading hurts your eyes....have a watch today.

It's like you took a 49 year old unemployed auctioneer, nailed a green sheet to a wall…gave him a cell phone, some internet access and called it good...sounds like the stuff of legend and Emmy Award winning television ---- right?

And Yes and its all true and I got a great stuff for you!

So. welcome back subscribers and hello to newbies...We've got the goods...Amazing Auction Results, Fun Facts and so much more...and what do I always tell you...Nothing is more interesting than The Auction World...not even Hateful Tweets, Posts or Nasty Politics.

So stay right here, and remember, before you go Subscribe Below, Leave a Comment or 2, and please share. Because sharing is caring and so daring!

And please have a look below when you are done….I have all the links below to everything I discuss, all my social media channels and most importantly, where you can find out more about all of these great auction houses….they have such cool stuff !

Okay I hear you….lets get on with it….it’s LAST WEEK AT THE AUCTION.

Continuing Your Audiophile Education

#10 The Sansui G-8000 Stereo Receiver that hammered for $1400 @ Leland Little in beautiful North Carolina. If you are a fan of the show…you might be getting sick of the Audiophile Education, but when you make your first score at your next Yard Sale or Estate Sale, you’ll love me again.

Learn Vintage Electronics. It’s a sleeper sub culture, with lots of demand and not a lot of people in the know. And this week, I got an idea. Planting Ear Worms. I always remember jingles and rhymes so maybe this one will help you….

”When talking to boomers, ask in they have tube amps and tuners.” I want you to make some money people. Okay….here’s another of my money making lessons.

Silver Margins !

#9 A suite of Margot de Taxco "AM-PM" silver jewelry just brought $1700 @ John Moran in California….weighing in at 137.5 grams ---- that’s just under 5 oz. So about $70 in scrap silver, if you were doing the math….and what did that $70 in silver bring….$1700. Is this a fluke….no. It’s a name….Learn your Mexican Silver Makers. I told you about William Spratling a few weeks back, and here’s another one now to look for…. but there are several.

Here’s my Tip, if it’s signed or marked Taxco or Mexican Silver and it’s being sold…. by or near its weight in silver. BUY IT. Just buy it. I can’t tell you how many people, and very smart antique dealers, just turn their noses up at silver and sell for scrap. I’d rather be in these kind of profit margins…. wouldn’t you.

Here’s a Bonus

This Coral, 18k Gold Bracelet just sold for $1800 @ Clars in Oakland….Red Coral is another one. I’ve seen wraps recently, and chokers with base metal clasps, not gold or silver, from the 50s and 60s bringing $200-300 on the regular.

These are at yard sales for $20-30 bucks or even at auctions in box lots because they don’t know.

As often say….you can’t know everything. I sure don’t….but we can all learn something new, every day.

So Gustavian

Alright #8 is fun…an 18th Century Gustavian Period Swedish Trestle Table just hammered for$2750 @ A Kleins in Castle Hayne NC…this c.1750 beauty is lovely example and as I’ve been saying or hoping….that I am seeing a trend with good period furniture like this. The money’s coming back. People are starting to appreciate the real deal again. It’s all a cycle and the cycle is headed in the right direction….

Right in time for a market crash too, so there’s going to be some great buys out there. Keep your eyes peeled and your dollars freed up.

Grasshopper ?

Okay….lets get funky now….#7 is the Wendell Castle Grasshopper Mirror that brought $4,500 @ Alderfer in Hatfield...circa 2000…these are thought more of….as art sculpture, for obvious reasons, but it’s a decorators dream piece and a name and designer you need to know.

Wendell Castle was not just an American furniture artist, but often called the father of the art furniture movement. For over four decades he created some of the most unique handmade sculptures and art furniture found in the world. If you are not familiar with his work, be sure to learn more. Truly fascinating.

Jesus Alou

Okay #6 is a Carved Lapis Plaque of Christ that brought $7500 @ Artemis in Colorado.

And I must put this piece in perspective for you. It was only about 1.5” by 2” so you understand the scale. However, being an early 12th Century Byzantine Lapis Plaque & Early depiction of Christ, bidders knew the value in this 800-year-old treasure. Quite a rare find to have survived. Love it.

So what’s next…..Next is more beer….well Beer Cans.

The Can, Can...

#5 is the White Horse Beer 32 oz Quart Cone that sold for $11,500 @ Morean in Brimfield Mass….

I know about the secret sub culture and values of Vintage Cone Top and Steel Beer Cans but I am still amazed every time I see them perform like this.

I just must keep telling you, so you keep your eyes peeled. I want you to find a Beer Can Collection so you can retire early.

Dynamic Ceramic

Lets move on to #4 and The Picasso Bull Fighter Bowl brought $21,500 at Copake Auction Inc in NY…..It was Signed and dated, April 15th, 1953….the bowl was approx. 7 1/4" in Diameter and stood approx. 2 5/8" high. And I want you to know….

Picasso Ceramics are out there, and many families may have some of these works in their relative’s estate collections, unbeknownst to them. Many were produced by Picasso and in limited edition runs. I once pointed out small pitcher to a family above their mothers refrigerator. I believe the sold it for $12,000 a few months later. It always pays to look or have an expert appraiser stop by.

Blue & White

This next one is awesome too…#3 A Chinese Blue and White Floral Bowl that sold for $37,500 at Clars in Oakland, and note (2.8" in diameter) and had an $800-1200 pre-auction estimate.

Chinese antiques are lottery tickets…smart money is buying at estate and yard sales because they know there is a crazy demand. Of course, you know this if you’ve watched this season so far.

Get in there Rookie !

Okay….this is nuts ! #2 is a 1986 Fleer, Michael Jordan #57 Rookie Card that sold for $65,000 Cottone in Geneseo NY….okay, it was graded PSA Gem Mint 10, which is the highest grading you can get…..but wow….a 34 year old card that was mass produced bringing that kind of money.

I do want to cover something here for you & explain exactly why and how rare this grade is…allow me to illustrate.

Okay… you find an unopened pack of 1986 Fleer Basketball Cards in a box lot… you carefully open it and pow. There is a Rookie MJ Card in there. Must be mint Gem 10 right, you are the first person to ever touch it…let’s keep going. Was it the card under the piece of gum getting all scratched up? Did that sugar gum dust stuff get all over all of them? No? Okay….it’s perfect but….did the die cut machine that cut the cards from the sheet have a good day, or a bad day….this is were it all goes awry.

The machine was typically off, just a bit making the photos off center a little and therefor….not a perfect 10. So, basically you need all the stars to align, just right for a 10. But it is fun hunting.

For My Cameo....

So what is #1 this week….well, it’s a George Woodall, Thomas Webb & Sons Cameo Glass Vase that brought $95,000 @ Heritage….wow, I have not seen Cameo glass bringing this kind of money as of late, but this c.1887 example was super rare and super fine….at 9.5" tall that was $10,000 an inch.

Cameo glass is a true luxury art glass and its been around since ancient roman times. Its produced by cameo etching and carving through fused colored layers glasses to produce intricate and beautiful designs. The late 19th Century saw the return of this lost art form and really saw it perfected.

Makers like Tiffany, Galle, Daum and Thomas Webb produced some of the finest known examples. Today, you need to watch for reproductions but know that there is serious value in the early 20th Century finds. So Happy Hunting….

And now you know what happened, Last Week at the auction!

And it’s time for this weeks "viewer email"...This week's question comes from James C of Denver Co.

James asks “Is now a good time to sell my Toy Collection?"

Great question. But I’d need to know a little more for you specifically. Like, What is the era of the collection? And more, but let me give you my two cents…. If it’s the late 1970s and Early 80s toys….they are Super Hot and I always say, strike why the iron’s hot. The 50s 60s Era toys have been soft, with the exception of the super rare as it is with all things, but their market is stabilized. And probably not fluctuating too much in the next 5-10 years so its up to you whether waiting and hanging (storing) is worth it or not…..1990s toys are just about to start taking off so I might wait a little there and see, but don’t wait too long.

If you really want my in-depth thoughts on all of that stuff. Check out “Why Don’t You Want My Stuff” on Amazon or Audible….I have the links below.

Great Question James….I hope that helps & Thanks again everyone….do not forget to email me at - where you too can send me any, and all questions.

And before I go, if you enjoyed the show, Subscribe Below! Please Give Me Thumbs Up and Leave Comment.... Be sure to check out all the great auction houses I talked about on today’s show. Support your local auctioneers…they are some of the hardest working people in show business !

Until next week...or Last Week at the Auction!





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Anyway....that my update. If you ever need help an estate, just a free consult or a real estate agent. I would be thrilled to help you.

All my best!


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