What to do, when Selling a Thing or 2?

Updated: May 23, 2020

So here you are, stuck at home and spring cleaning. Do you find yourself downsizing, decluttering and re-organizing? Getting caught up with all those household projects? Yeah, I am talking to you Type A’s and not you Type B, Netflix binging, sofa surfers. Today’s blog is about, now what? You got all these things left over to sell, toss or worse, store in the garage, attic, basement or unit. I say sell it! We could all use a few bucks right now, that’s for sure.

So, let’s just talk about selling. In today’s world, you have several options and most likely don’t know what’s best for you. Do you know you? Are you a control freak, micro manager? Do you not want to be bothered and lets someone else do it? Is you time more valuable then stressing about it? As with anything, if you are educated, you’ll make a much better decision.

I will discuss several methods; my personal favorite has always been auction, but I do believe they all have their merits. These are my opinions and I have friends in these industries so no offense to any of you who disagree with me. Heck, most of you probably think I am idiot already, and that’s okay. Opinions are like Chia Pets; I don’t want one and certainly not yours. (Honestly, I do value all my readers opinions…that was just an attempt at creating a new catch phrase. And to see if you are actually reading this.) Let’s get started….

The Yard Sale (Do it yourself.)

Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Tag Sale, no matter what you call it, this is a great way to sell that home overflow. Downsizers like it. Control freaks like it. Outgoing extroverts like it. You get to talk to everyone! You get to price everything at what you think is fair. If it’s your house, and your stuff, I see nothing wrong with it. Where I stress caution is when you are doing it for an estate or helping a parent or grandparent. What you see as yard sale junk, might be the holy grail. I used to make a very good living yard sailing. Buying something for $5 and selling in a few days on eBay for $500. And I know an entire subculture of people that do this for a living. Feasting your lack of knowledge. Again, if it’s your old skis, clothes, gym equipment, etc. No Worries. Mom’s mom’s dolls, dad’s old cameras or stereo system, be careful. Ask your friends and try to get an expert just to have a look before you put it out. I’ve discussed this earlier in the book but want to be clear. Be careful please. I got a YouTube channel, other articles and a book with plenty of horror stories if you want to go down that wormhole.

eBay, Craigslist and the Gang (A little help with marketing.)

As I said earlier, I used to make a living selling on eBay. It was a wonderful, fun way to sell things and downsizers liked it too. As they moved away from the strictly auction thing and buy-it now was introduced, again you can name your price like a yard sale with a much larger audience, I personally feel like they lost something. Craigslist, Offer Up, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace have similar functions. Amazon too. I liked the old eBay for the fact that, if you didn’t know what you had, the auction method of bidding would sniff out your lack of knowledge and generally solve it with crazy high bids. Basically, a few collector experts would bid against each other and show you what the fair