Top 10 Antique & Collectible Reference Books

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I know, i know....books you say? Just hear me out. I am not trying to return to the dark ages or kill a bunch of trees. The fact is, there are times you just can't beat a book for quick reference and research. A quick thumb flip search can beat the best googler in many instances. Especially in these genres. Plus, I bet if you peruse thru a few of these, you'll learn something new. Something that you wouldn't learn by googling "cool antiques that are worth something." Or, hey Alexa, "tell me something I didn't know about antiques." BTW, I am going to go do that right after I am done.

So, that all said, I am going to give you my opinion of 10 Antique & Collectible Reference Books you should have in your Arsenal...that's means "in the trunk" if you are a yard sailor or thrift store shopper..."in the office" if you are an appraiser or auctioneer....or just at home, if you have "the bug" or the collectors gene. So here we go....

Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide


Often called the best-selling price guide in North America, Antique Trader's Antiques & Collectibles is a great source of information. It includes expert advice, market trends, historical info, values and so much more. With 4,000+ color photographs, you will enjoy the mental download. Lots of diverse genres to soak up. I like to think of it, like the college crash course of Antiques, book.

Miller's Collectibles Handbook & Price Guide (CHECK IT OUT)

This is the most up-to-date guide to the collectibles market. Miller's been around a long time and is a must have for the dealer, picker, and will see this in most estate auctioneers offices too. This edition features 4,000+ goodies in full color, with descriptions and current price ranges and best, what they call "what those in the know look for." Its no wonder this series has been a hit for decades